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Civilian and Veteran's Casework
Casework-Civilian and Veteran, 1945-1952

Foreign Affairs Committee Legislation
Foreign Assistance, general data, 1949-1950
Foreign Assistance data, 1952
Mutual Securities Act of 1951, 1951

House Administration Committee Legislation
Steel Seizure Documents, 1953
Tom Pickett's Bill 1953, 1953
Bills and Resolutions by Pickett, 1953

Judiciary Committee Legislation
Railroad Reorganization, 1946-1948
Railroad Reorganization Hearings, 1941-1948

Tidelands Publications, 1947-1948

"Truth about the Tidelands," by Sheridan Downey, U. S. Senator, California (CA: San Francisco, 1948).

"Quiet titles to Tidewater lands." Message from the President of the United States, Aug. 2, 1946.

"This can happen to any state: what the tidelands issue is all about," by Fred N. Howser, Attn.. Gen. of CA. April 5, 1948.

"State ownership of submerged lands: an answer to the Federal claims asserted in the "Tidelands" case of U. S. v. California." The National Association of Attorneys General. October 1, 1947.

"The Tidelands Decision." Editorial. The San Antonio Light. June 30, 1947.

"State ownership of submerged coastal lands: argument of Attorney General Price Daniel of Texas in the Supreme Court of the United States."(1948).

"Motion for leave to file objections and objections to motion of United Sates of America for leave to file compliant." Price Daniel, Attorney General of Texas. October, 1948.

"State ownership of submerged lands." Resolution adopted by the Texas State Democratic Convention, May 25, 1948.

Supplemental memorandum of Louisiana in support of its objections to motion by the Federal government for leave to file a complaint against Louisiana. Bolivar E. Kemp, Jr., Attorney General, Louisiana. October 1948.

"Brief of Attorneys General in support of joint resolutions quieting titles of states to lands beneath tidewaters and navigable waters." Signed by 46 State Attorneys Genera, 1948.

H.R. 5992. "A Bill to confirm and establish the titles of the States to lands beneath navigable waters within State boundaries," March 24/April 21, 1948.

Statement of Price Daniel, Attorney General of Texas. Mimeographed, legal size, 10 pp., 1948.

"Texas Tidelands: a handbook for speakers and local Bar Committees." Prepared by State Bar of Texas, The Tidelands Committee. 1948.

Texas Tidelands - " In trust for the people." By Price Daniel, Attorney General of Texas. Mimeographed, 7 pp. n.d.

Memorandum RE: "Title to submerged coastal lands of the United States. S 1988 Report No. 417." Mimeographed, 11 pages. Includes History of Legislation and History of Litigation and 3 p. Interrogatory, 1947.

Resolution of the State Bar of California. Dec. 1947.

"The Tidelands issue." To the members of the Texas Water Conservation Association. Special Bulletin, Jan. 2, 1948. Attached to copy of three articles by Fred Williams, staff member for the Austin Statesman.

"Threat of the Tidelands decision to Texas." Radio address of Gov. Beauford H. Jester, Nov. 17, 1947.

"To all Texas lawyers." Letter from H. Grady Chandler, Pres. State Bar of Texas. Mimeographed, 1 p. Dec. 30, 1947.

Memorandum to President Truman on State ownership of submerged lands. Presented by Sen. Tom Connally, Attn. Gen. Price Daniel and Robert Lee Bobbitt, Chairman, Special Tidelands Committee, State Bar of Texas. Mimeographed, 4 pp. (1947).

Analysis of U. S. vs California and need for congressional action. National Association of Attorneys General. Mimeographed, 3 pp. (1947)

Statement of Beauford H. Jester, Gov. of Texas. Mimeographed, 14 pp. (1947).

"Far-reaching Federal-State controversy over Tidelands Oil: Pro and Con." Congressional Digest. Oct., 1948. pp. 229-256.

Letter to Tom Pickett from Price Daniel RE Supreme Court decision in U. S. vs California. June 26, 1947. Reply from Pickett to Daniel, July 9, 1947 also sent to Gov. Beauford H. jester and Bascom Giles, Land Commissioner.

Tidelands general data 1949-1950

Report to the People RE: Tidelands by Tom Pickett. June 16, 1950.

H. R. 180: "A Bill, to confirm and establish the titles of the State to lands beneath navigable waters within State boundaries" Introduced by Mr. Gossett. Jan. 3, 1949.

United States v. State of Texas: Tidelands Case. Texas Bar Journal. March 1949. Pp. 113f.

Objections to motion for leave to file complaint by the United States against the State of Louisiana. Bolivar E. Kemp., Jr., Attorney General, Louisiana. October 1948.

Motion for leave to file objections and objection to motion of United States of America for Leave to file complaint. Price Daniel, Attorney General, Texas. October 1948.

"The Tidelands: Decision of the Supreme Court in the Texas case." Congressional Record. June 26, 1950. P 9342f.

Tidelands, 1951-1952

Tidelands Vote. Editorial. St. Louis Globe-Democrat. May 17, 1952.

To the Senate of the United States. Message of the President. Mimeographed, legal size, 6 p., May 29, 1952.

Tidelands. Remarks of Ed Gossett. Mimeographed. Legal size, 5 p. (1952).

"Our Washington Newsletter," by Cong. O. C. Fisher RE: Tidelands Bill. Mimeographed, legal size. 2 p., 1952.

Complaint. US District Court in and for the Southern District of California. Mimeographed, legal size, 8 p., Jan. 25, 1951.

Texas warns you of a danger facing every state in the Union. Contains reprint of "The Big Grab: a series of nine articles on the Federal Government's plan to seize submerged oil lands from the States." By Allen Duckworth. Reprinted from The Dallas Morning News and twenty-four other newspapers. March 1951.

U. S. Map of Federally owned lands, 1950.

H. R. 4484: "A bill to confirm and establish the titles of the States to lands beneath navigable waters within State boundaries." June 15/July 12, 1951.

Report to accompany H. R. 4484, July 12, 1951.

"Title to lands under navigable waters," by Herbert H. Naujoks. Marquette Law Review. May, 1948, pp. 7f.

Analysis of Senate Judiciary committee public hearings involving the seizure of Tidelands. Mimeographed, 5 p., June 12, 1952.

Song lyrics. "Sammy was her man."

Votes by members & states on H. R. 4484, July 30, 1951.

"President's outburst on the Tidelands." Editorial. Fort Worth Star-Telegram.May 20, 1952.

Various other articles and papers.

Projects, Dams and Waterways

Neches-Angelina, Dams A & B, 1941
Neches-Angelina, Blackburn Dam, 1945-1950
Neches-Angelina, Blackburn Dam, Correspondence, 1951-1952
Neches-Angelina, McGee Bend Dam, 1946-1949
Neches-Angelina, MeGee Bend Dam Public Works Commission, 1951-1952
Neches-Angelina, Rockland Dam, 1945
Neches-Angelina, Rockland Dam, January 1946-June 1946
Neches-Angelina, Rockland Dam, July 1946-April 1947
Sabine Neches Waterway, 1938-1949
Rivers & Harbors-Sabine Neches Waterway Publicity, 1945-1947
Rusk Blast Furnace, 1945
Trinity River, General Correspondence, 1946-1949
Trinity River, Bills and Reports, 1951-1952
Trinity River, Public Works Commission, 1951-1952
Trinity River, lower reaches, 1948-1949
Trinity River, Upper Middle Cedar Creek Watershed, Flood Control Work Plan, February 26, 1948
Trinity River, Upper Middle Cedar Creek Watershed, Flood Control Work Plan, March 11, 1948
Trinity River Improvement Association, Benbrook Dam, 1950-1952