Baylor University Poage Library

Scope and Content

The Thomas A. Pickett Papers comprise approximately two linear feet of material from Pickett's tenure as a United States Representative for the 7th Texas Congressional District. The materials date mostly from 1945-1952 and cover Pickett's service in the 79th through the 82nd Congresses. During these years, Pickett served on the Foreign Affairs Committee, the House Administration Committee, and the Judiciary Committee, as well as working on veteran's cases and legislation, and numerous general projects. The collection is divided into five series, which reflect Pickett's government service.

The first series, Civilian and Veterans Casework, consists mainly of correspondence from individuals requesting assistance in obtaining veteran's pension increases, disability compensation, discharge reviews, and a request for a veteran's medical records. One case involves a request for a Civil War Veteran's headstone.

The second series, Foreign Affairs Committee Legislation, contains government publications on foreign policy and aid to foreign countries in the areas of Post World War II government actions and the issues surrounding aid to Korea.

House Administration Committee Legislation, the third series of the Pickett Papers, contains correspondence, government publications, and House resolutions. The majority of the documents in this series revolve around the issue of steel seizure by the United States Government, and the printing of the briefs in the steel seizure cases as House documents for use by House of Representative members.

The fourth series, Judiciary Committee Legislation, consists primarily of correspondence, government publications, general publications, Supreme Court documentation, and House resolutions. The issue of railroad reorganization for the International-Great Northern Railroad Company (I.-G.N.), owned by the Missouri Pacific Railroad, is included in this series, along with extensive publications on Tidelands issues relating to the ownership of submerged lands.

The fifth and largest series in the collection, Projects, Dams, and Waterways, contains correspondence, government publications, general publications, copies of news articles, and some photographs. This collection chronicles Pickett's support and work on public works projects such as Dams along the Neches-Angelina River, the Sabine Neches Waterway, and the need for flood control along the Trinity River. Also included in this series is a proposal for the completion of the Rusk Charcoal Blast Furnace and Chemical Plant in Rusk, Texas, and the United States Department of the Interior War Minerals Report 182,which describes the quality of mineral deposits around Rusk, Texas.