Baylor University Poage Library


By Fowler West

    Hyde MurrayI first met Hyde Murray in 1964, shortly after I came to Washington to work with Mr. Poage. We became friends from that moment on. While Hyde had a brilliant mind, I always felt his greatest strengths were in his integrity and his kindness to one and all.

    Hyde was a legend on Capitol Hill. While he was a partisan Republican (in the best sense of partisanship), he was respected by Democrats--liberal and conservative.

    He and I were the staff leaders of the House Committee on Agriculture for many years. I do not recall a single instance of partisan bickering between us.

    On countless occasions, Hyde gave me sound advice and counsel, both personal and professional.

    Hyde was present at Baylor when the Poage Library was dedicated in 1979, and he came to the 25th anniversary in 2004, though in failing health.

    In his final years, Hyde was largely confined to an assisted living facility in his beloved Wisconsin. His room was a nerve center for projects to entertain his fellow residents, to raise funds for all sorts of charities, and to work on a book about his career, that he had largely completed.

    Hyde was one of the greatest friends I have ever had, and I will miss him. He was a true friend of the Poage Library, and that makes it possible for us to remember him through his wonderful contributions to the Library.

    May God bless Hyde's family as He blessed us all through his wonderful servant, Hyde Murray.

Hyde Murray Friends

"Ag Is my Bag"- L. to R.: Hyde Murray, Tex Easley, Paul Theis, Ann Cole, and Fowler West.