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Series IX - Memorabilia

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A.1 Apparel: General
*[1996-2000] indicates that no specific date was available
Box File Title Description Date
M1 Poncho George K. Baum & Company Investment Bankers [1996-2000]
Poncho Mickey Mouse [1996-2000]
Tie McDonald Transit Associates, Inc. [1996-2000]
Tie Omagh, Ireland-- gift [1996-2000]
Towel Natl. CMC League Allstate You're in Good Hands Mobile All American City 1998

A.2 Apparel: Caps

Box File Description Date
M2 19th Jerusalem Conference of Mayors (2-white) 1999
AA [1996-2000]
CAT [1996-2000]
Comcast Digital Cable [1996-2000]
Enrich Humanity Avoid Profanity (attach to a mug) [1996-2000]
Nickelodeon "The Big Help" (blue green) [1996-2000]
O-I Waco, TX [1996-2000]
Texas Sports Hall of Fame (a pin of Texas Sports Hall of Fame) (2) [1996-2000]
U.S.Sugar (blue) [1996-2000]
VFW 100th Anniversary VFW Post 2983 (includes 3 pins 1- 100th Anniversary, 1- Veterans of Foreign War, 1-Walmart salutes WWII Memorial, and a tag - You Can Help Build the WWII Memorial) 1999

A.3 Apparel: Jersey

Box File Description Date
M3 Jersey Buccaneers, Tampa Bay #35 Red Jersey still in plastic bag [1996-2000]

A.4 Apparel: Polos

Box File Description Date
M3 City of South Bay Cross Roads of South Florida. White with black lettering and logo [1996-2000]
Neighbor Works South Central District. Dark Green with white lettering [1996-2000]
Paving the Way to Success, Streets, Waco, Texas. Dark Blue with round logo [1996-2000]
Together We Can Waco. Light green (teal) with black letters and logo {1996-2000}
M4 Waco Deep In the Heart of Texas. White with Texas logo [1996-2000]
Waco Texas W*. Burgandy with white letters and W* logo [1996-2000]
Waco, Texas Realizing the Vision, Dark blue, white lettering with suspension logo in yellow (2) [1996-2000]

A.5 Apparel: T-Shirts

Box File Description Date
M5 American Presidents CSPAN. White shirt with blue/red logo on front. Back has large American flag with signatures of all U.S. Presidents. New. [1996-2000]
CDBG ( Community Development Block Grant) 25 Years of Strengthening America 's Communities. Tan shirt with large colorful picture. Black/brown lettering. New. [1996-2000]
CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Strengthening People Strengthening Community. White shirt w/ colorful painting on front w/ black lettering/logo. New. [1996-2000]
CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Now: For the Future. White shirt with large color picture. Purple/black/gold lettering. Worn? [1996-2000]
Community Development Block Grant Week in Waco. Tan shirt with blue/brown/blank lettering/logo. New. [1996-2000]
Community Development Block Grant Program Celebrating 25 Years New Orleans. White shirt with red/black lettering/logo. New. 1999
Earth Day, Celebrate. White shirt with large multi-colored Earth Day logo. Black Waco Recycles logo on left sleeve. New. 1996
El Dorado Hotel- Casino Reno Great Italian Festival. White shirt with large colorful large chef/wine bottle/glass. Orange/brown lettering. New, $12.00. [1996-2000]
Fiesta Waco 1997. White shirt w/ yellow/red lettering. Sponsors' names on back in black. Worn. 1997
Fiesta Waco 1998. White shirt with green/red lettering and Fiesta logo. Back has First Waco National Bank logo in red/blue. Probably worn. 1998
Fire Academy: "The Few, The Brave, The Insane." MCC Fire EMT Instructor. White shirt with red lettering/logo. New. [1996-2000]
Greater Waco Christian Home Education Home School Home's Cool. Gray shirt with black/red lettering. New. [1996-2000]
H.E.B Go Home A Hero "I Love H.E.Buddy" White shirt with large HEB logo on front. Back has large red HEB log and black lettering: "Go Home a Hero." Worn? [1996-2000]
IDCN V Rome ' 93. "IN--... INFO--... INFORMATION ß-> RECEIVED" White shirt with blue/gold lettering/logo. New. 1993
Lighted Schools Mac Grant Jubilee Center Waco Together We Can!. This is a POLO! [1996-2000]
LMHA and You A Blooming Good Idea. White shirt with green lettering/logo on front: Thumbs Up! 1998. Large green/purple/gold lettering/logo on back: A Blooming Good Idea! LMHA and You." New? [1996-2000]
Mayors Committee for People with Disabilities, Waco. White shirt with large black lettering/logos front and back. New. [1996-2000]
Mayor's OlympiKids for Fitness. A New Partnership for Healthy Kids and Cities. White shirt with large OlympiKids logo with purple lettering. Worn. [1996-2000]
Mayor's OlympiKids For Fitness. Denver, Colorado. White shirt with blue/orange lettering/logo [1996-2000]
Mayor's Youth Summit "Many Neighborhoods, One City." Sponsored by the City of Boston, Thomas M. Menino, Mayor BankBoston, Mellow Bank/The Boston Company, NYNEX. Large logo of four hands on front in red/yello/blue/pink. Large lettering on back in black/blue/red/yellow. Reebok logo on left sleeve. New. Apr. 5 1997
M6 Mayor's Youth Summit. White shirt with large logo of four hands on front in red/yello/blue/pink.. Back has large black/blue letting: Mayor's Youth Summit March 27, 1999 "Felling Fine in ‘99" with smaller black lettering: "Sponsored by the City of Boston, Thomas M. Menino, Mayor/BankBoston, Bell Atlantic, Mellon Bank/The Arthur F. Blanchard Trust." Reebok logo on left sleeve. New. Mar. 27, 1999
Nickelodeon The Big Help. White shirt with large colorful logo. Child's size. New. [1996-2000]
President's Summit for America 's Future 2 Million by 2000. White with blue/red lettering/logo. Small logo on front. Large logo on back. Probably worn. [1996-2000]
President's Summit for America 's Future Philadelphia, PA. White with blue/red lettering and logo. Worn. April 27-29, 1997
Public Health. Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere. White shirt with large blue/black/yellow logo/lettering. New. [1996-2000]
Raise the Roof Day. White shirt with large colorful "Raise the Roof" logo. New, still in bag. [1996-2000]
Starplex Cnemas Galaxy 16. White shirt with purple/green/yellow lettering/logo. New.
Texas Amateur Athletic Federation. Let the Game of Texas Begin, Waco. Green shirt with black/white/pink/gold lettering/logo on front. Possibly worn. 1996
Texas Sports Hall of Fame Waco. Gray shirt with black lettering/logo. Small logo on right sleeve. (2) [1996-2000]
USCM ( United States Conference of Mayors) Leadership Conference. White shirt with blue lettering on front: "How many Mayors does it take™" Back has color photo of many men pushing a car and blue lettering: "USCM Fall '98 Leadership Conf." New. Fall'98
Waco, Texas. White shirt with bright pink lettering. Worn (hopefully washed). [1996-2000]
Wellness Works Mind Spirit and Body. Dark purple shirt with large white lettering/logo. W* logo in center [1996-2000]
West Texas Fire Response Waco Hotshots. Dark Blue shirt with white/red lettering/logo. Small logo on front. Large lettering/logo on back. 1998
Youth Summit For America 's Future Baylor University Waco, TX. White shirt with red/blue lettering/logo. Front has small blue logo. Back has large Texas logo and lettering. Possibly worn. (2) Sept. 6, 1997

B. Buttons

Box File Description Date
M7 A.J. Moore High School Reunion 1881-1971
Boston in 2000 Thomas M. Menino Mayor [1996-2000]
Click on [1996-2000]
Community Youth Summit (2) Feb 14,'98
Community Youth Summit For Waco' s Future Feb. 14, 1998
David W. Moore For 2nd Vice President NLC [1996-2000]
Kiss a Diabetic! It May be the Only Sugar They Get! [1996-2000]
Manchester No.1 City in the East [1996-2000]
Mayor's Olympi Kids For Fitness A new Partnership for Healthy Kids and Cities [1996-2000]
Nickelodeon The Big Help Oct 17 1998
Philadelphia The place that Loves you Back [1997]
Primera Cumbre Alcaldes Canada Estados Unidos Mexico [1996-2000]
Recycle America 's Land Redevelop HR 2727 Brownfields Support Rep. Boehlert' s Bill [1996-2000]
U.S. Department Of Commerce Census Jobs! 1-888-325-7733 [1996-2000]
US Conference of Mayors New Orleans 1999
Veterans Of Foreign Wars 100th Anniversary 1999
Y2K "Yes To Kids" WISD Education Foundation [1996-2000]
Youth Action Summit For Riverside's Future Mar. 28 1998

C. Calendars and Planners

Box File Description Date
M8 American Institute of Architecture 1999
Central Texas Economic Development District "Teamwork" 1998
Central Texas Senior Ministry 1999
City of Cerritos Community Calendar 1997
Girl Scouts Celebrating Sports 1999
Hallmark 1999 1999
Historic Bridges of Central Texas 1999
Mervyn' s California 1999
National Arbor day Foundation 1998
Photography of L. Ronald Hubbard 1999
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program "Sharing a Lifetime Of Experience" 1997
Salvation Area Command "A World of Thanks" 1997
United States Senate Phil Gramm "We The People" 1999

D. Card Holders

Box File Description Date
M9 "Building A Nation of Communities" Clarence E. Anthony, Mayor, city of South Bay President Elect, NLC (3 maroon, 1 black [1996-2000]
Destination DeKalb DeKalb County, Georgia (gold) 1998
International Travel Program AJ Congress (receipt inside--color gray) [1996-2000]
Waco Convention and Visitors Bureau Waco Tourist Information Center 1-800-922-6386(navy blue) [1996-2000]
E. Cups, Goblets and Mugs
E.1 Cup Holders
Box File Description Date
M10 Fiesta Waco Sponsored by Waco Tribune Herald [1996-2000]
Palm Beach County Florida "The Best of Everything" [1996-2000]

E.2 Plastic Cups

Box File Description Date
M10 150th Waco 1849-1999 (10) 1999
Heart O' Texas Ground Breaking April 8, 1998
United States Census 2000 [1996-2000]
Waco Wizards Heart O' Texas Fair Rodeo (8) [1996-2000]

E.3 Goblets

Box File Description Date
M10 Centennial TPPA 1898-1998 (2) 1998

E.4 Mugs

Box File Description Date
M10 America 's Promise The Alliance for Youths [1996-2000]
Centennial TPPA 1898-1998 (2) 1998
CH2MHILL [1996-2000]
Profanity Thou shall not take the Lord's name in vain™ (attached to a cap) [1996-2000]
Waco Gateway to Texas History [1996-2000]
Wacows.Com a MOOving experience [1996-2000]

F. Flags

Box File Description Date
M11 The Flag of Racial Unity ( one flag with framed certification) [1996-2000]
The Flag of The Military Order of the World Wars and the flag of US [1996-2000]
The Flag of the US (plastic) [1996-2000]

G. Key Chains

Box File Description Date
M12 City of Manchester Incorporated June 1846 [1996-2000]
National League of Cities, Kansas City. Small rubber 1" square with logo and key clip. 1998
Metropolitan Borough of Wirral [1996-2000]
Raymond J. Wieczorek [1996-2000]
U.S. Department of Housing and Under Development "Enforce Fair Housing For All" Equal housing Opportunity 1-800-699-9777 ( voice) and 1-800-927-9275 (TDD) (2) [1996-2000]
United States Census 2000 [1996-2000]

H. Media, Postcards (See also Media Series)

Box File Type Description Date
169 Vance Kirkland Postcards (14 cards) Filed with Media Capri; Central City Opera House; Memory of Burma; Mistero Di Pompei; Nebula Near Saturn; Painting Number 17; Roofs Ronda, Spain; Energy of Explosion 24 Billion Yrs BC; Lost Princess; Mountain Ruins; Timberline Abstraction; Toledo, Spain; View of Perugia; Villa Dei Misteri None

I. Mouse Pads

Box File Description Date
M13 Access Local Government [1996-2000]
Fort Lauderdale email: [1996-2000]
Millenium Communities Program 2000
J. Name Tags
J.1 Name Tags: General
Box File Type Description Date
M14 United State Conference of Mayors Brown tag (6) and orange tag (1)
Winter meeting 1999 and 2000 (2)
Annual meeting 1998 and 1999 (2)
National League of Cities White name tags (6)
1996 Congress of Cities and Exposition
1999 Congress of Cities and Exposition

J.2 Name Tags: Individual

Box File Description Date
M15 - 150th Waco 1849-1999
- All American City Awards, Mobile, AL. Two tags pinned together with nine pins representing several cities. June 18-20, 1999
` - American Diabetes Association [1996-2000]
- Baylor University [1996-2000]
- Caterpillar [1996-2000]
- Chamber of Commerce Greater Waco [1996-2000]
- Community Mentoring For Adolescent Development CMAD Statewide Conference 2000 2000
- Community Youth Summit For Waco' s Future a button pin attached Feb. 14, 1998
- Congress of Cities and Exposition future-nlc-kc One patch of Los Angeles [1996-2000]
- Congress of Cities and Exposition: Tow pins from several cities & stickon patch(KC) Dec 2-6, 1997
- Delegate [1996-2000]
- Downtown Waco Incorporated [1996-2000]
- Hewitt Very Special People [1996-2000]
- Mayor's Institute [1996-2000]
- NHS Waco Neighbor Works Home Ownership Center [1996-2000]
- Nineteenth Jerusalem Conference of mayors Oct'98 & '96
- Planting Roots™ [1996-2000]
- President's Summit for America 's Future Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2 tags) April 27-29, 1997
- Public Health [1996-2000]
- Salvation Army [1996-2000]
- Speaker V.G. Young Institute of County Government [1996-2000]
- Texas Challenge Advisory Council [1996-2000]
- This is the Beginning of a beautiful friendship [1996-2000]
- TML Annual Conference and Exhibition, Dallas, TX "Century for Cities: A Retrospective" Nov 17-20, 1999
- TML Annual Conference and Exhibition San Antonio, TX Oct 28-31, 1998
- Transportation Technologies Center Dedication and Open House TSTC Waco April 30, 1999
- Tyler Norris Retreat [1996-2000]
- Waco VA Regional Office American Heritage Day (2) [1996-2000]
- Youth Summit For America 's Future Sept. 6, 1997
- Primera Cumbre De Alcaldes Canada , US, Mexico [1996-2000]
- Texas Economic Development Council [1996-2000]
- Annual Congressional City Conference with pin of National League of Cities March 2000

J.3 Name Tags: Luggage Tags

Box File Description Date
M16 All American City Awards Celebration Mobile June 18, 1998
Earth Tech A "Tyco" International Ltd. Company [1996-2000]
Kay Bailey Hutchison United States Senator [1996-2000]
The Gold Channel [1996-2000]

J.4 Name Tags: Room Keys (Tag)

Box File Description Date
M17 Saflok [1996-2000]
Starwood Preferred Guest [1996-2000]

Notebooks - See OVERSIZE

K. Padfolios

Box File Description Date
M18 National League Of Cities Information and Technology Communications Steering Committee Oct. 14, 1999
Primera Cumbre de Alcaldes Canada -Estados Unidos- Mexico San Nicolas, Mexico April 3, 1997
M18 U. S. Conference of Mayors San Francisco. Black zippered padfoliowith pad and pocket. AT&T logo on front with red/white/blue/black/ conference logo. 1997.
M18 United States Conference of Mayors, 67th Annual, New Orleans, June 11-15. Black zippered padfolio with compartments for computer disks, cell phone, glasses, change, pad, and pencils. Lettering and logo in gold. Originally contained "Expanding Market" pen/pencil set and New Orleans Mardi Gras necklace inscribed with "Mayor Marc H. Morial." 1999
L. Pens and pencils
L.1 Pencils
Box File Description Date
M19 - Cable in the Classroom 1-800-743-5355 [1996-2000]
- City of Waco Citizen's Action Center (254) 750-5755 [1996-2000]
-Berol Eagle Jeans [1996-2000]

L.2 Pens

Box File Description Date
M19 Barrington pen filler in a black leather case [1996-2000]
Boca Raton Resort and Club (plastic black and gold) [1996-2000]
Chapman Worldwide Financial Service 1-800-752-1013 (plastic--black) [1996-2000]
City of Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Harvey Johnson, Jr. ( wood and gold) [1996-2000]
City of Manchester Mayor Raymond J Wieczorek ( dark green and gold) [1996-2000]
City Of Waco, Waco, TX 76798 (rubber hand protector-- black, electric blue and gold) [1996-2000]
Dr Pepper and Whataburger (metallic--platinum) [1996-2000]
Expanding Markets Freddie Mac (translucent white rubber and silver) [1996-2000]
Expanding Markets pen and pencil (blue and silver) [1996-2000]
Fannie Mae [1996-2000]
Fisher Space Pen [1996-2000]
Freese and Nichols Engineers Environmental scientist Architects (pen and highlighter in one) [1996-2000]
Mayor Dannel P. Malloy [1996-2000]
Nannette Booker Hutchison 90th Birthday Celebration (gray with colorful top) Sept 26, 1999
Palm Beach County Florida The Best of Everything (plastic--pink and white) [1996-2000]
US Conference of Mayors at Reno The Biggest Little City in the World (wood) 1998
WHSmith (blue and gold-- in velvet case) [1996-2000]
M. Pins
M.1 Pins: Cities
Box File Description Date
M20 " Dubuque" Mississippi [1996-2000]
Arvada, Colorado [1996-2000]
Bellmead, Texas [1996-2000]
Hattiesburg, Mississippi [1996-2000]
Hewitt, Texas [1996-2000]
Lacy Lakeview, Texas [1996-2000]
Los Angeles, California [1996-2000]
Nashville, Tennessee [1996-2000]
Rochester, Minnesota [1996-2000]
San Francisco, California [1996-2000]
San Marcos, Texas [1996-2000]
Toledo, Texas [1996-2000]
Tulsa, Oklahoma [1996-2000]
Waco, Texas [1996-2000]

M.2 Pins: Countries, Cities, and Flags

Box File Description Date
M20 American flag with yellow and blue flag [1996-2000]
Avancel Oakville [1996-2000]
Brownsville [1996-2000]
City of Ocala [1996-2000]
Columbia [1996-2000]
Flag with two red stripe and 3 red stars (2) [1996-2000]
Laramie [1996-2000]
Weatherford [1996-2000]

M.3 Pins: Events

Box File Description Date
M20 American's Promise [1996-2000]
Big On Little Rock [1996-2000]
Black Heritage [1996-2000]
Breast Cancer [1996-2000]
Cable in the classroom [1996-2000]
Census 2000 United States 2000
Holiday Hero [1996-2000]
I Have A Dream [1996-2000]
Indian Hammer [1996-2000]
Marlins ( 1- Preston Wilson, 1- Cliff Floyd) [1996-2000]
National Legions of Cities [1996-2000]
Organ Donation Live and then Give Sign a donor card and tell your family today [1996-2000]
W * ("W" with a star) [1996-2000]

M.4 Pins With Dates

Box File Description Date
M20 100th Methodist Home 1990
1998 1998
Congress of Cities 1996
Kitakyushu 1999
US Department of Housing and Urban Development Simply the Best 1997
N. Plates (name plates, stickers, and bookmarks)
N.1 Bookmarks
Box File Description Date
M21 Los Angeles World Airports (ruler-bookmark) [1996-2000]
Metropolitan Borough if Wirral (red leather with gold prints) [1996-2000]
National League of Cities "Summer Board Meeting" Clarence E. Anthony, President July 8-11, 1999
Timeline of American Diplomatic History 1783-1997 [1996-2000]
United States Census 2000 2000
Washington School City Of Piqua Laminated brown construction paper with red and blue strings [1996-2000]

N.2 Magnets and Stickers

Box File Description Date
M21 Citizen for a Sound Economy " Hey Washington, Kick the Tax and Spend the Habit!" 1-888-JOIN-CSE (bumper sticker) [1996-2000]
City of Waco Solid Waste Services (circle silver sticker) [1996-2000]
Kansas City 1998 Congress of Cities (magnet) 1998
No Dumping Drains To Lake ( sticker) [1996-2000]
Parks and Recreation the Benefits are Endless ( green bumper sticker) [1996-2000]
Project Impact Building a Disaster Resistant Community (2 one orange and one blue) [1996-2000]
U.S. Filter ™ taking care of the world's water (magnet) [1996-2000]
United States Census 2000 ( red circular sticker-- 2) [1996-2000]
United States Census 2000 Remember Census Day April 1, 2000 ( magnet) [1996-2000]

N.3 Name Plates

Box File Description Date
M21 "Mr. Morrison" in black boarder white background [1996-2000]
National Domestic Preparedness Consortium and National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center [1996-2000]
United States Conference of Mayors [1996-2000]

Plaques (See Media Series)


O. Odd Items

Box File Title Description Date
M22 None Shell necklace [1996-2000]
Ajuntament De Denia Paper weight clear glass in black box [1996-2000]
Alligator Annie's (409) 559-0157 Nacogdoches, TX Cardboard fan (white and green) (3) [1996-2000]
America 's Master Coachmakers 1-800-391-1777 Liquid Leveler and tape measurement used in carpentry [1996-2000]
Bertha & Angel Coloring Book John Ascuaga's Nugget Leave Nothing to Chance [1996-2000]
Breast cancer Pink ribbon [1996-2000]
Cell phone water bottle Waco Central 425 Franklin Avenue "One Call Does It All" City of Waco [1996-2000]
Cinemax Black sports watch [1996-2000]
Citizen's Action Center City Of Waco (254)0750-5755 Ball (yellow foam) [1996-2000]
City of Yuma Paperweight clear glass [1996-2000]
City Savings 1-888-828-USME Brown and black AM/FM pocket radio [1996-2000]
Freddie Mac we Open Doors "Expanding the Dream" Memo pad in Navy exterior with gold pen [1996-2000]
Golf Trophy City of Waco Jamboree, 9th Annual Golf Tourn.-Cottonwood Golf Course, 2nd Place, June 13, 1997 1997
Golf Trophy EOAC – Waco 100 Golf Tournament, 20th Place 1999
Golden Rule Marble by W.W. "Foots" Clements white marble in clear cube case [1996-2000]
Honeywell Enershop Necklace key holder [1996-2000]
JNF/KKL "I Planted A Tree In Israel " Banner ( blue, white and green) [1996-2000]
Kitakyushu 1999 25th American Conference of Mayors and Chamber of Commerce Presidents. Chopsticks (1 pink and 1 green) 1999
New Orleans. Necklace, red beads with New Orleans pendant enscribed "Mayor Marc H. Morial [1996-2000]
Nutty Narrows Bridge Longview, Washington Ornament flat 24k Gold Finish Brass [1996-2000]
Recycle' s America 's Land Support Brownfields Legislation Green bandana [1996-2000]
SF Public Toilet Free token gold coin [1996-2000]
Shilo Inns (from US to Canada 1-800- 222-2244)( group sales 1-800-334-1049) Pocket Road Atlas [1996-2000]
SWMAL Baylor University 1998 Paperweight white marble 1998
Target Hand Sanitizer [1998]
Texas Municipal League Black-gray CD case [1998]
Trash can, miniature Shaffer, originally filled with chocolate candy [1996-2000]
TUIT Fire Safety City of Piqua Frisbee made of foam ( yellow and red ) [1998]
United States Census Balloons ( 1 cream color, 1 red) and [2000]
United States Census 2000 Red Ball (foam)
United States Conference of Mayors 67th Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA, June 11-15, 1999 First Aid Kit contains small tin container of peppermints (after coffee mints), black sunglasses, lip balm (orange case), regular band aids(4) , large band aids(3), aspirin packets(4), towelette packets(2), anti acid(2) 1999
Waco Courtyard by Marriott Groundbreaking Ceremony Paperweight out of the State of Texas with a shovel inside ( transparent plastic) Feb. 15, 1996
Waco Regional Airport Terminal Ground Breaking Shovel with bronze with wood handle. See Oversize May 26, 1998
Waco Wizard Hockey Stick with Puck and a Banner. See Oversize [1998]
Whataburger Pom-poms (1 pair, orange and white) [1998]
World Image Centre Cardboard fan (blue and white picture of the globe) [1998]
Zulu Warrior Black bead necklace [1998]

P. Oversize

Box File Title Description Date
M23 67th USCM Conference TOTEM New Orleans "Oh Na Nay" Poster in brown tube 1999
Notebook: Michael D. Morrison, Mayor.. Large black notebook used for City Council meetings Has Waco log in gold on front and spine. Morrison name/title on cover 1996-2000
Notebook: Presidents' Summit for America 's Future. Philadelphia, PA April 27-29, 1997 Small white notebook with large conference red/blue logo/lettering. 1997
Portrait. Primera Cumbre De Alcaldes. Canada - Estados Unidos - Mexico . Abril 3 '97 San Nicolas, Mex. In front of Centre Internacional de Negoclos 1997
Portrait of Lt. General George Washington Picture in brown tube [1999]
Portrait of Private McKinney Picture in brown tube [1999]
OV Waco Regional Airport Terminal Ground Breaking Shovel with bronze with wood handle May 26, 1998
OV Waco Wizards Hockey Stick with Puck [1999]
OV Waco Wizards Dr Pepper Banner. VERY LARGE [1999]

Q. Totes, computer bags, backpacks

Box File Description Date
M24 Community Asset Building Workshop Waco, Texas March 21, 1998 Natural cloth tote with green lettering/logo. 1998
Freddie Mac Expanding Markets. Blue tote bag with white/blue lettering/logo. n.d.
Iscar New Line. Black/ red attaché case with white/red lettering/logo n.d.
Jerusalem Conference of Mayors, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Municipality of Jerusalem. Dark blue vinyl valise tote with gold lettering. n.d.
Meadowood Mall Reno's Best Shopping. Purple/turquoise/yellow/magenta tote. n.d.
Mobile All-America City. Medium blue laptop tote with Mobile red/white/blue/ logo [1997]
National League of Cities, 1996 Congress of Cities & Exposition, December 7-10, 1996. Black laptop tote with color conference logo. 1996
Nickelodeon: The Big Help backpack. Blue backpack with colored logo and lettering. n.d.
Rochester, Minnesota. Dark blue tote with large white/blue/black logo. n.d.
Shilo Inns. White tote with blue lettering n.d.
Texas Commission on Volunteerism & Community Service White tote with red lettering/logo. n.d.
"Texas Municipal Retirement System, 1948-1998" on turquoise side. "Texas Municipal League Celebrating Texas Cities San Antonio October 28-31, 1998" on black side. Large black/turquoise carry-all. 1998
Youth Summit for America 's Future Baylor University. Blue valise style tote with red/white/blue logo and white lettering. [1997]
Waco Texas. Blue laptop tote with Key to Waco Texas logo in gold/burgandy.
Waco Texas. Dark Blue laptop tote with Waco Texas logo in White/burgandy. Note: Prototype bag for City of Waco presentation briefcases with logo as specified by Mike Morrison. [1998]
Waco Texas City Council. Black leather laptop tote with embossed lettering. n.d.