Baylor University Poage Library

Scope and Content

The papers of Mayor Mike Morrison cover a variety of subjects associated with the office of Mayor. Materials have been artificially divided into nine series: Conferences, Media, Memorabilia, Personal, Publications, Texas, United States, Waco City, and Waco Government. Most of the materials in this collection are from the years 1996-2000. Only a few materials, notably campaign materials, are earlier than 1996, and there are no materials after May 2000.

The Conference Series includes materials from the Association of Mayors, U. S. Conference of Mayors, National League of Cities, Texas Municipal League, and the Presidents' Summit: American's Promise as well as many smaller conferences. Materials include agendas, articles, brochures, programs, publications, correspondence, and reports.

The Personal Series contains the Mayor's schedule, invitations, correspondence, biographical information, and speeches. Campaign materials for City Council in 1994 and both mayoral races in 1996 and 1998 are a sub-series of Personal.

Morrison received a wide variety of publications related to his duties as Mayor. These have been divided into four Sub-series:

• Publications related to Waco
• Publications related to Texas
• Publications outside of Texas, and
• Multi-issue Publications

Usually, only a sample copy of each publication was retained. However, all issues of a few publications like U. S. Mayor were retained since they were not duplicated in any other Baylor library.

The scope of the Texas Series includes information related to Texas outside the Waco area. This includes the Bosque River Advisory Committee, the Brazos Higher Education Service Corp., The Brazos River

Authority, Texas governmental departments, and numerous Central Texas and Heart of Texas organizations. All Heart of Texas (HOT) organizations are filed under Texas even if their offices are in Waco. These files contain correspondence, brochures, articles, meeting agendas, and reports.

Any materials not specifically related to Waco or Texas were assigned to the United States Series. This includes several federal agencies such as HUD and numerous National agencies. Such organizations as PEW Partnership for Civic Change and Points of Light Foundation are also found here. Materials include correspondence, reports, brochures, articles, and related publications.

The lines between Waco City and Waco Government are not always clearly defined. Nevertheless, items that were obviously Waco Government were assigned to that Series while other Waco materials have been grouped into the Waco Series. Waco Regional Airport, All American City Award, Baylor University, Cameron Park/Zoo, Waco Convention and Visitors Bureau, Economic Development Corporation, Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, Keep Waco Beautiful, McLennan County organizations, Metropolitan Planning Organization, Neighborhood associations, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, TSTC, and Waco organizations not related to the government are some of the topics covered in this series. Materials include correspondence, memos, meeting summaries, reports, committee, and reports.

Materials related to the actual governing of Waco are grouped into the Waco Government Series. Action Center Reports, Activity/Informal Reports, Annexation, Boards/Commissions, Community Development Block Grants, Budgets, Enterprise Community Development Commission, and Waco City Council business, and Zoning are found in this Series. These files contain correspondence, reports, plans, proclamations, summaries, statistics, studies, brochures, agendas, finance reports, surveys, and emails.

During the course of his four years as Mayor, Morrison accumulated various types of media. These items have been grouped into the Media Series which includes cassettes, compact disks, computer disks, a film strip, several large framed items, a media kit, a dozen plaques/certificates, and thirty videos. Some media materials supplement subjects found in other series such as National League of Cities, American Promise, Presidents' Summit, and Waco City Council.

The final series created was for Memorabilia: non-paper items appropriate for display. Many of these may be relocated where they can be better utilized. Types of items included are caps, t-shirts, buttons, calendars, cups, mugs, name tags, pens, pins, and computer bags. There are seventeen categories of Memorabilia and several subdivisions.