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Conferences: 9 lin. ft., 1996-2000

The Mayor attended numerous conferences related to his office. This series contains materials from such conferences as the Association of Mayors, National League of Cities, and U. S. Conference of Mayors. Of particular interest is a section on the Mayor's participation in the Presidents' Summit for America's Future held in Philadelphia in April 1997. Extensive materials from this summit are in these files along with materials from several related events including America's Promise - Alliance for Youth; Points of Light Foundation and the Youth Summit at Baylor. Materials are filed alphabetically by subject. Multiple folders on the same topic are filed chronologically. All files date from Morrison two terms as Mayor, 1996-2000.

Personal: 5 lin. ft., 1994-2000 | TOP |

These "personal" materials relate specifically to the Office of Mayor and include such items as invitations, speeches, complaints, congratulatory messages, correspondence, events schedules, resume, photographs, and thank you notes. In addition to some general correspondence, there are several files by individual's name such as Chet Edwards and George W. Bush and a file of U. S. Senators' correspondence. Files are arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically within the subject.

A Sub-series of Personal is Campaign Materials related to Morrison's campaign for City Council in 1994 and both campaigns for mayor in 1996 and 1998. These materials include articles, contribution records, election calendars, expense reports, publicity, and voting records. Materials are arranged alphabetically by topic and chronologically within topics.

Publications: 10 lin. ft., 1996-2000 | TOP |

The Mayor received numerous publications from organizations and industries related to the administration of a municipality. For archival purposes, only one file copy of each publication has been retained as a record of the types of materials mailed to the Mayor. Some of the titles received were American City and Country, Campaigns & Elections, Governing, Government Product News, Nation's Cities Weekly, Public Management, Solid Waste Technologies, Texas Town & City, and U. S. Mayor. There are also numerous government publications from the Department of Justice and countless newsletters from local and state organizations. Publications are in alphabetical order and the Description includes publisher information. For filing purposes, these publications have been divided into four Sub-series:

A. General Publication

B. Texas Publications

C. Waco Publications

D. Multi-Issue Publications

General Publications are those which do not specifically relate to Waco or Texas have been included in this Sub-series. There are 213 titles included here.

Texas Publications relate specifically to Texas but not necessarily to Waco. There are fifty titles in this Sub-series.

Waco Publications contain 95 titles related to organizations in Waco. Neighborhood Association newsletters can be found here .

Multi-issue Publications contains copies of publications that are not found in any other Baylor library. There are only seven titles in this Sub-series: Consensus, Governing, Government West, Nation's Cities Weekly, Public Management, U. S. Mayor, and Youth Today. There are also single copies of these filed in General Publications.

Texas: 8 lin. ft., 1996-2000 | TOP |

From the Attorney General of Texas to the Zoning Commission, the Office of Mayor received a constant stream of publications in the mail from state related organizations. Included in this series are Brazos Higher Education Authority, Brazos River Authority, Meadows Foundation, Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities, and Texas Municipal League. This series also includes materials related to Heart of Texas (HOT) organizations such as HOT Council of Governments, HOT Business Resource Center, HOT Housing Finance Corporation, and HOT Workforce Development Board. Files are arranged alphabetically by topic and chronologically within topics.

United States: 5 lin. ft., 1996-2000 | TOP |

This series contains materials dealing with government and national organizations such as HUD and PEW Partnership for Civic Change. Subjects files are also found here dealing with topics on the national level such as the child sex trade, disabilities, drugs, environment, HIV, recycling, tobacco, veterans, and youth. Files are arranged alphabetically by topic and chronologically within topics.

Waco: 10 lin. ft., 1996-2000 | TOP |

Items dealing with McLennan County and the City of Waco, but not specifically Waco Government, are found in this series. This includes information about the regional airport, Baylor University, Cameron Park/Zoo, Downtown Waco, Inc. , Enterprise Community Development Commission, Family Practice Foundation, McLennan Community College, Neighborhood Associations, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, Texas State Technical College, United Way, Waco ISD, and various other organizations with Waco in their names. Files are arranged alphabetically by topic and chronologically within topics. Waco Government: 35 lin. ft., 1996-2000 | TOP |

Materials specifically related to Waco Government are filed in this series. This includes Action Center reports, City Council meeting agendas, City Manager search documents, Crime Analysis Bulletins, Enterprise Community Development Commission, and topics such as police, solid waste, taxes, transportation and zoning. Of particular interest are the files related to the search for a new City Manager and the detailed materials from every City Council meeting while Morrison served as Mayor. There are also controversial subjects like the Harris Creek annexation and Mini Indy zoning covered in this series. Files are arranged alphabetically by topic and chronologically within topics.

Media: 8 lin. ft., 1996-2000 | TOP |

There are nine different media types grouped together in this series:

• Cassettes

• Compact disks

• Computer disks

• Film strip

• Framed items

• Media kit

• Plaques/certificates

• Postcards

• Videos.

There are some cassettes of City Council meetings; some videos and CDs supplement conferences attended by Morrison or relate to issues such as teen violence discussed at conferences. Plaques and certificates included in this series also reflect conferences and organization meetings attended by Morrison such as the VFW. Items are arranged chronologically within each sub-series except for the Videos Sub-series which is arranged alphabetically.

Memorabilia: 12 lin. ft., 1996-2000 | TOP |

This catch-all series contains non-paper items such as caps, t-shirts, buttons, calendar planners, cups, mugs, mouse pads, name tags, pens, pins, oversize items, computer bags, and odd items. There are seventeen different Sub-series of memorabilia and several sub-sub-series within them. The T-shirts reflect the variety of official functions Morrison attended as Mayor, both local and national. There is even a Waco Wizard hockey stick and puck among these varied items. As much as possible, items are arranged alphabetically. Many of these items may be discarded after further evaluation.