Baylor University Poage Library

Collection Statement

Mike Morrison, a Law Professor at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, ran for and was elected Mayor or Waco in the Spring of 1996, and began serving in May 1996. He soon found that he was overwhelmed with the amount of materials accumulating relative to his added duties as Mayor of a growing city. So, in order to avoid being buried in paperwork, he graciously consented to donate his personal copies of materials related to the operation of the Office of Mayor to the Baylor Collections of Political Materials (BCPM).

The Papers of Mayor Mike Morrison came to the Baylor Collections of Political Materials in monthly installments beginning in the summer of 1996. Whenever two cartons in Morrison's office were full, Kent Keeth, Director of both the Texas Collection and the BCPM delivered the cartons to the BCPM for initial inventory and processing.

The papers arrived in no particular order except that items associated with a specific Waco City Council meeting were usually bundled together in large envelopes. There were a wide variety of materials associated with the Office of Mayor. While most items were retained, only a sampling of publications received by the mayor were kept.

After the first year of processing, the staff agreed to divide the papers into nine series: Conferences, Media, Memorabilia, Personal, Publications, Texas, United States, Waco City, and Waco Government. Following this artificial arrangement, the papers were divided along these lines for the remaining three years of Morrison's two terms.

Following his reelection in 1998, Morrison deposited one box of campaign materials to be processed after he left office in May 2000. This box was processed last and added to the end of the Personal Series.