Baylor University Poage Library

V.F.2. Post-WWII Documents



36th Division Annual Reunion Newsletter

Aug. 29-30-31, 1969

Application for Federal Recognition as a National Guard Officer (2 copies)

Dec. 8, 1946

Application for Retired Pay Benefits (2 copies)

Aug. 9, 1974

Information Regarding Retirement

Dec. 3, 1974

Letter regarding promotion of comrades to Brevet

April 24, 1969

Lieutenant Colonel Certificate

January 9, 1953

Military Department of Arkansas

April 13, 1973

Military Record and Report of Separation Certificate of Service (2 Copies)

April 23, 1946

Retirement Service Bulletin and Materials: Department of the Army

May 1981

Photograph of four men and a woman with cigar box full of money