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III.C.4.b. Newspapers, Unbound - RFK




Dallas Times Herald

RFK Surgery Success: Brain Injury Discounted; Assassin Won't Talk, Give Name; Violence Plague Last RFK Target (A6)l Six Other Wounded Identified (A6); Shooting Shocks Capital's Texans (A19); Wealthy, Powerful Kennedys Dogged by Death, Disaster (A26); Kennedy Provided Less Protection Than His Brother (A26); World Shocked, Dismayed by New Kennedy Tragedy (A26); Arm, Gun Came Out of Crowd (A27); GIs Stunned, Angered By News of Shooting (A27)

June 5 1968

Dallas Times Herald

Kennedy Dies: RFK Burial Saturday in Arlington; Path to Sanity (editorial); Americans React In Grief, Sorrow; Crest of Victory: At the Edge of Doom, Destiny Smiled; Dallasites Plan Memorial Rites; LBJ Calls Violence Study Unit; Candidate Safety: Bullet May Alter U.S. Campaigns (A18); Kennedy Expected Tragedy To Strike (A18); California Sets RFK Mourning (A18); No Answer Seen In Gun Controls (A18); Shocked World Tells of Grief (A9); Rose Kennedy Attends Mass In Death Wake (A19); Medical Cause of RFK Death Mystery (A19); Sirhan Known as Anti-Semite Angered by U.S. Aid to Israel (A20); Tightest Security Protecting Sirhan (A20); Served As Clan Chief With Gusto: RFK Wore Brother's Mantle Well (A21); RFK Career in Brief (A21); Kennedy Seemed to Sense Victory (A22)

June 6, 1968

Atlanta Constitution

Kennedy in Critical Condition; Bullet Removed From Brain; Suspect Identified In the Shooting (Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clarke stated no evidence of conspiracy in the Kennedy shooting); Identify Gunman as Jordanian; 1st Medical Reports Indicate Future Doubtful for Full Kennedy Recovery; Johnson Orders Protection By Agents for All Candidates; Wife and Other Kennedys Stay Near Senator's Side; Shocking Nightmare Relived For Scattered Kennedy Clan (p. 2); Tearful Jackie Flies o Bedside (p. 9); Victory Turns to Horror in California Primary (photos of shooting and map of Ambassador Hotel, p. 10); Shock Had Echo of Old Tragedy(p. 11); 3 Gunshots Alter Whole Campaign (p. 11); Turnouts Stumped Experts As Kennedy Visited Georgia (p. 20)

June 6 1968

Christian Science Monitor

Repair and Rebuild: Mourning nation sets about task of identifying an reducing causes of violence in U.S. life; French recall RFK talk of assassinations (p. 4); Father stunned: Kennedy assailant traced to Jordan (p. 6); How Britain sees Kennedy tragedy (p. 6); Moscow attributes slaying to U.S. capitalist system (p. 6); America takes stock after assassination (p. 7); Senator Kennedy (editorial; sect. 2, p. 20)

June 7 1968

Dallas Times Herald

Thousands Pay RFK Respects; Ethel Kennedy Composure Mirror of Sorrowing Clan (A3); Autopsy Pinpoints Kennedy's Injuries (A3); RFK Burial Site To Be Readied (A8); British Papers Speculate on Ted Kennedy's Future (A8); Keating o Reid RFK's Successor? (A13); Sirhan Indictment Sought (A14); Guard for Presidential Candidates Gets Approval (A15)

June 7 1968

New Orleans States-Item

Sirhan Murder Charge Put Before Grand Jury (Special Cover page); Tens of Thousands File Past Kennedy's Casket (Special Cover page); RFK Killed to Avert JFK Probe, Hanoi says (p. 1)

June 7 1968

New York Times

Thousands In Last Tribute to Kennedy; Service At Arlington Is Held At Night; Suspect in Assassination of Dr. King Is Seized in London; Tight Security Catches Man With Empty Gun Entering Cathedral (p. 55); Kennedy Suspect Held In  isolation (p. 62); Sirhan Family in Seclusion, Spurns Lawyers (p. 64); Many Jordanians Express Grief; Assassination Scored by Premier (p. 65); Father Recalls Youth of Sirhan (p. 66); Social Scientists Find Pattern in Assassinations (p. 72); Severe Brain Damage: Kennedy's Death Raises Speculation on His Possible Plight If He'd Lived (p. 83); Guns and Assassins: Two Who Are Accused (sect. 4, p. 2E); Medicine: In the Mind of the Assassin (Sirhan) (4:E12); Washington: The Final Irony of Death (4:E14)

June 9 1968

Charlotte Observer

More Than 100,000 File Slowly Past Robert Kennedy's Temporary Grave; Deviant Behavior Sets Up Deadly Cycle – For A While;

June 10 1968

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