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V.A. Articles about Penn Jones




Rotch, William

A Vanishing Breed

Grassroots Editor, N.D.

Jones, Penn Jr.

Alarming in the Night

Grassroots Editor, Oct. 1963

An Editorial

Dallas County Journal, July 19, 1986 and July 19, 1963

Articles on Jones and Kennedy

The Daily Record, April 2, 1975 and Reflector, April 23, 1975 and Waxahachie Daily Light, Aug. 25, 1993

Friedman, Rick and Globe Democrat

Articles on Weekly Editors

St. Louis Globe Democrat, July 15, 1964 and Editor and Publishers Aug. 10, 1963

Articles Written by Penn Jones

The Tulia Herald, Dec. 22, 1960

The Tulia Herald , Oct. 10, 1963

Charley Lake Says

American Press, Feb. 8, 1954

Duncun, Dawson

Country Editor Tries Back Door to Success (3 copies)


Chamberlain, Jennifer

County Honors Penn Jones

Daily Light, N.D.

Couple Successful as Publishers in Small Community

Clarksville Times, Feb. 10, 1950

Courageous Country Editor

Cong. Record, August 3, 1964

CSII Interview: Penn Jones

Common Sense II, N.D.

Editor Blames Clergy, Press for Bad Politics; Clergy, Editors Rapped, 'Press Irresponsibility' Charged by Texas Editor

Houston Post, Aug. 16, 1963 and DTH, Nov. 4, 1963 and The Oklahoma Daily, Nov. 24, 1963

Editor Penn Jones and his wife highly honored

Bowie News, Dec. 30, 1949

Editorially Speaking

Dallas Post, July 27, 1967

Jones, Elaine

The Friendly General


Friedman, Rick

Hate Propaganda Disturbs Editors

Editor and Publisher, Aug. 8, 1964

Morris, J.A.

International Association Honors Journal Publisher

Prescott Journal, July 22, 1964

Friedman, Rick

It was Worth It, Penn (4-copies)

Star-Tribune, Oct. 6, 1974

Jones Delivers Plethora of Anti-Warren Report Evidence

Rap Warren Report

UCSB Daily Nexus, May 12, 1975 and Washington Post, Oct. 26, 1966

Liberal Editor Steals the Show at ASC Panel

The Daily News Texan, Nov. 8, 1962

Hawley, Douglas

Midlothian Editor is Typical Journalist (4-copies)

Dallas Times Herald, Jan. 23, 1947

Thompson, Barney

Midlothian Goes all out for Home Town Welcome of Temple

Dallas Times Herald, May 20, 1947

Heaney, D. Michael

Midlothian Man Believes Kennedy Death was a Result of a coup d'etat by US government

Midlothian Horizons, April 29, 1993

Midlothian's Weekly Rodeo Grows by Leaps and Bounds; Banker Provides Sparkplug

The Dallas Morning News, March 10, 1946

Mike Jones Wants Tour of Japan as Individual

June 15, 1969

'More Killings' to Cloak JFK Death Facts, Texan Claims

Abilene Reporter-News, July 17, 1966

Heaney, D. Michael

Neighbors: Jones Keeps Own on JFK Assassination

Waxahachie Daily Light, Feb. 28, 1993

Powell, Larry

News from '66 Shows How Much the Times, They have Changed

The Dallas Morning News, Dec. 18, 1994

Newspaper Article on the 50 "Editors and their Wives Leave Kent ™"

Kent Messenger, Oct. 8, 1965

Newspaper Editor to Speak Monday

The OU Campus, November 19, 1964

Notebook of Articles Cataloged

Bonazzi, Robert

One Man's Grief

The Texas Observer, Sept. 29, 1967

Margolis, Richard

Ordeal of the Un-killable Texan (2 copies)

SAGA, Nov. 1963

Heaney, D. Michael

Penn Jones is piece of living, breathing U.S. History

Waxahachie Daily Light, Feb. 2, 1993

Penn Jones, JFK Theorist, editor obituary (3 copies)

Start-Telegram, Jan. 28, 1998

Dodge, Tom

Penn Jones Press Slugged it Out (2-copies)

Waxahachie Daily Light, 1989

White, George

Penn Jones Stresses Need for Journalistic Courage

The East Texas, Nov. 13, 1963

Penn Jones to Address Press Club

The Bryan Daily Eagle, Feb. 11, 1964

Sharpe, Earnest Jr.

The Persistence of Memory

Third Coast, October 1983


Post-Mortems and Memories

Newsday, Nov. 19, 1966

Lovell, James V.

Reviewing the Crowd

The Times Herald, July 10, 1946

Lewis, Richard Warren

The Scavengers

The World Journal Tribune, Jan. 22, 1967

Richmond, Jerry

School Crusade Erupts, Weekly's Plant Bombed

Editor and Publisher, May 12, 1962

School Principle Roy Irvin Whips Editor Penn Jones in office of Supt. Mills


Hughes, Eddie

Scrappy Editor uses 'Hot Lead'

DMN, Jan. 20, 1960

Jones, Kathryn

The Skeptic's Lot (7 copies- 2 photocopies in folder)

Dallas Life Magazine, Nov. 22, 1992

Dixon, Kenneth

Texan Raps Appointment of Marshall in Forum

Dallas-Times Herald, Jan. 23, 1947

Hetherly, Van

Texas Toughest Country Editor (6 copies)

Houston Chronicle, Jul 26, 1964



Farmer and Minor, July 22, 1965


This is the Life

Jan. 1950

Whitley, Joe

"This is the Life" reprint from the Redbook

East Texas, March 1950

Tidbit Articles About Penn Jones


Tidbits about Penn Jones, Jr.'s dislike of LBJ

The Texas Observer, Aug. 19, 1966

Top Texas Editors Hold Seminar Here

The Huntsville Item, Aug. 22, 1968

Two Texas Winners

Nov. 1967

Byrd, James W.

Views and Reviews

The Greenville Herald Banner, Sept. 22, 1963

We Know!

April 2, 1970

Friedman, Rick

The Weekly Editor International Conference (2-copies)

Editor and Publisher, Aug. 10, 1963

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