Baylor University Poage Library

III.A.2. Articles - Unpub. by author




Abrams, Mrs. Paul D.

Japans Coverage of the Assassination


Beggs, Donald D.

Cryptography & the Oswald Papers


Bernabei, R.

Memorandum-JFK Assassination

May 21,1969

Blakey, G. Robert and

Richard N. Billings

The Plot to Kill the President, Organized Crime Assassinated JFK


Cannon, David

An Analysis of Zapruder Frames 413 and 454


Cohen, Michael

Interview with Albert E. Jenner, Jr.

July 22,1976

Cohen, Michael

A Note on Coincidence or Conspiracy


Daniel, Jack

Tippit's Last Minutes


Downing, Thomas

Statement of the Hon. Thomas Downing News Conference

Aug. 22, 1976

Harris, Larry

Nelson Rockefeller Interview


Hessessy, Maurice N.

Book Review: I'll come back in the springtime John Kennedy and the Irish


Jones, Penn

Warren and FBI reports


Jones, Penn Jr.

Disappearing Witness: "What Does Justice mean W.R.T. Assassination?"

March 17, 1992

Joy, N and. T. Stamm

Who Killed the Quagga?

Dec. 20, 1975

Libert, Ron

Secrets that kill


McGraw, Preston

Witness-A special U-P-I Report


Meek, Jeff



Morgan, Jeanne

Dread and Circus-A Book Review in the form of a Pseudo-Musical

Feb. 1, 1981.

Mosbrook, Joe

More than One Reagan Gunman?


Newcomb, Joan I.

Was there a Tampa Connection?


Perry, David

Fool Me Once Shame on You – Fool Me Twice Shame on Me


Perry, David

Now It Can Be Told


Perry, David

The Rambler Man

January 27, 1997

Ralston, Ross F.

Hosty's Revelation


Sanman, P.

Windmills of Conspiracy. 48 pgs.


Scally, Chris

Another Phantom Splicer?


Sharrett, Christopher B.

A Response to the Sylvia Meagher-Tom Bethell Affair


Shaw, J. Gary

How to Conduct an Investigation Without Really Trying


Spears, Charles A.

The Basis of Presidential Disorder

Oct. 6,1978

Stamm, Thomas

The JFK Assassination

Apr. 23,1975

Stamm, Thomas

Letter to Dr. Wecht

June 10,1975

Tatro, Edgar F.

An Itek Addendum


Tatro, Edgar F.

Don't You Trust Anybody!!! 2 copies


Tatro, Edgar F.

Letter to Penn Jones

Jan. 17,1981

Tatro, Edgar F.

Who's Afraid of the Grassy Knoll South? (2 copies)


Temple, Emanu-El Brotherhood

What should Dallas Do Now?

Jan. 19,1964

Truby, J. David

An Old Lap Dog Rolls Over


White, Jack

Natal Horoscope of Lee Harvey Oswald

Oct. 18,1939

White, Jack

JFK Educational Research

June 5, 1966

Wilber, Charles G.

Request for Information: The Physical Remains (Body) of John F. Kennedy

Nov. 23-25,1963

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