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Nearly identical views record an instant before shots



White House Reporter Depicts First Ladies

Editor & Publisher

Aug 24, 1963

JKF Luncheon seen with Citizens Groups

The Dallas Morning News

Nov. 4, 1963

Heavy Protection Set for President

The Dallas Morning News

Nov. 18, 1963

Secret Service Must OK JFK Luncheon Seating

The Dallas Morning News

Nov. 18, 1963

A Warm Fort Worth Welcome

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Nov. 22, 1963

Austin, Set for Gala Rally, Stunned by Dallas Tragedy

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Nov. 22, 1963

It Was Only Yesterday that Mr. Kennedy Said ™

Washington Daily News

Nov. 23, 1963

The Day the Present was Shot from Ambush

The Houston Chronicle

Nov. 23, 1963

Kennedy Widow to Attend Thanksgiving Family Reunion, Congress Records Kennedy Eulogies, Assassination Cheered, Too, Pastor Says ™ 4 more

The Blade: Toledo, Ohio

Nov. 27, 1963

Case Studies in Stewardship

Grassroots Editor

Jan 1964

Two English Views of the Assassination


Jan 1964

Oswald in Dallas: A few loose ends

The Reporter

Jan 2, 1964

Walk Leader Describes Albany's Police Station


Feb 1964

Warren Commission Probing Kennedy's Death


Feb 14, 1964

The Day the President Died

Redbook Magazine

Mar 1964

How America Felt


Mar 16, 1964

Everyone Who Misses the Sound of His Voice;

Remembering the Day After Kennedy's Funeral

Saturday review

Apr 4, 1964

The Shame of Dallas

The Saturday Evening Post

April 11, 1964

Making Room for Controversy

Saturday Review

Apr 18, 1964

Blumenfeld of UPI

Saturday Review

May 9, 1964

Warren Commission

Congressional Record – House

May 14, 1964

Europe: JFK ~ The Murder and the Myths


June 12, 1964

Madison Avenue: Corporate Censorship

Saturday Review

June 13, 1964

Oswald: May We Have Some Facts, Please?

The New Republic

June 13, 1964

New Facts about the Assassination


July 1964

Daily Texan Staff Gives University Students on-the-Spot Coverage of Kennedy Assassination

The Courier

Winter, 1964

The Rush to Judgment, the Rendezvous with Doubt

Detroit Free Press

Aug. 14, 1965

JKF Death Still Debated

Fort Worth Star Telegram

June 5, 1966

The Charge is one of Masochism

WPN and Advertisers Review

Aug. 12, 1966


Rocky Mountain News

Aug. 13, 1966

Kennedy's Assassination ™ Let's Solve It


September, 1966

Seventeen Strange Deaths Follow JFK Shooting, Editors say

The Miami Herald

October 26, 1966

Texas Editor Criticizes Warren Report

Minnesota Daily

October 28, 1966

The Climate of Hate (missing 9-18-2007)

The New Guard

November 1966

Eight Railmen Figure in Rising Controversy over assassination of President Kennedy

Labor, Washington, D.C.

December 26, 1966

The Assassination: Law unto Himself


Jan 8, 1967

A Newsman's Probe Into the Enigma of the Assassination

The Daily Egyptian, Carbondale, Ill

April 15, 1967

'Democracy in Danger,' States Midlothian Editor

The Shorthorn: U of T at Arlington

October 20, 1967


Texas Observer

Oct 27, 1967

Back to Dallas


Nov 24, 1967

A New Assassination Theory


Nov 27, 1967

The Assassination: Scene of the Crime


Dec 4, 1967

Assassination Debate


Dec 11, 1967

The Assassination: the Mystery Makers


Dec 22, 1967

Pictures of some of those arrested and one accused after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas

Midlothian Mirror

Feb. 18, 1969

A Little Logic Please


April 24, 1969

Dallas: Who, How, Why?


July 1971

Texas Editor doubts truth of assassination report

The Daily Egyptian, Carbondale, Ill

July 23, 1971

Arthur Bremer: The Communist Plot to Kill George Wallace

American Opinion

Oct 1972

From Dallas to Watergate: The Longest Cover-Up


Nov 1973

Figures in JFK Inquiry Surface Again in Watergate

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

November 11, 1973



Oct 24, 1974

Texan denies JFK Theory

The Wichita Eagle and Beacon

November 24, 1974

The Great Cover Up

The guns of Dallas: Update



The Man in 413: a Provable Example of Governmental Lies and Media Collusion

(Prepared for People and the Pursuit of Truth)

April 9, 1975

[Re: Zodiac News Briefs Related to Different Assignation Plots]

Zodiac News Service

April29 – May 1, 1975

Rockerfeller Commission

Zodiac News Service

May 12, 1975

Ex-CIA Agent Victor Marchetti talks about JFK Murder and Other Dirty Tricks


May 2-9, 1975

The Guns of Dallas (reprint)

Gallery Magazine

Oct 1975

Cover-up Accused: Unfair Investigation Charged

The Tuesday University Star, Texas State University

October 18, 1975

Warehouse Committee

The Nation

Apr 17. 1976

A Passion For the Truth

Ausbury Park Press

Aug 11, 1976

Kennedy researcher speaks; Zupruder, Nix films shown


September 29, 1976

Hoover Memo Claims Castro Knew of Oswald Plot

The Austin-American Statesman

November 13, 1976

Union to Sponsor Symposium on Kennedy Assassination

The Daily Texan

November 15, 1976

Dallas Prosecutor Says Oswald had Help

The Austin-American Statesmen

November 18, 1976

The Big Orange: New Questions About Assassination

Miami Magazine

May 1977

Preyer Promises New Info on JFK Assassination

the salisbury evening post

Aug 30. 1978

Kennedy Killing Reconstructed in Final Review

The Parkersburg News

Sept 3, 1978

Castro Message Will Deny Plot to Kill Kennedy

The Charlotte Observer

Sept 4, 1978

Hunt Sues to Obtain Data Linking Him to Assassin

The Washington Post

Sept 6, 1978

Connally's Tell of 'Terrible Ride'

The Washington Post

Sept 7 1978

Expert back 2 finds of Warren Panel; 2 Warren Commission findings backed

The Washington Post

Sept 8, 1978

T. H. Karamessines, Ex-Chief of CIA Covert Work, Dies

The Washington Post

Sept 8, 1978

Jaundiced ™.. glasses


Sept 14, 1978

Convoluted Phantasmagoria (Editorials: Conspiracy Theories Zapped)

Palo Alto Times

Sept 27, 1978

JFK Assassination Lectures Conclude that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill John F. Kennedy

The Westerner

April 11, 1979

Fear and Loathing on the Assassination Trail with Peter Boyles

Denver Magazine

November 1980

A Part of Truth


July 6&20, 1981

Jack Ruby's Rabbi tried to shed light on Oswald shooting

The Wichita Falls Times

November 23, 1985

Nov. 22 Observed by Few

The Dallas Morning News

November 23, 1985

Even-handed approach makes inquiry into CIA a good source book

The Dallas Morning News

July 27, 1986

Soft-Selling the Sixth Floor

The Dallas Observer

December 8, 1988

The Woman Who Knew to Much

L.A. Weekly

December 16-22, 1988

Nix Kennedy Schlock (3 copies)

Dallas Times Herald

March 30, 1989

Theoretically speaking: Visitors to JFK shooting site debate killer

Dallas Morning News

November 23, 1990

A new lead in Kennedy assassination?

Dallas Times Herald

September 29, 1991

All Dare Call (partial)

Washington City Paper

November 22-28, 1991

Can Hollywood Solve J.F.K.'s Murder


December 1991

Interview with David W. Belin

Dallas Morning News

May 17, 1992

JFK Files Won't Show Conspiracy Says Jones

The Waxahachie

August 25, 1993

JFK Researchers mark 30 years on the trail (from brown files)

Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader

Fall 1993

Baylor Makes Research into JFK killing available

Waco Tribune-Herald

Nov. 22, 2005

New Footage of JFK in Dallas released

ABC News Online

February 19, 2007

Big D



Did Seven Gunmen Kill Kennedy



"Lyndon LaRouche and the US Labor Party"

In Critique


Playboy's History of Assassination in America, Part V:             Cries of Conspiracy



S.M. Holland's Obituary

Dallas Morning News


The Oswald-FBI Cover-up



The Wounding of Governor John Connally of Texas, November 22, 1963



"The Yankee and Cowboy War: Conspiracy from Dallas to Watergate"



Three Guns? Kennedy Conspiracy [RE: RFK]



"Visitors to Kennedy shooting site discuss theories on assassin"



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