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Collection Outline

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I. Books cataloged in a special Cutler collection

II. Binders (notebooks): Binders by subject with entries for each item in the notebooks, Culter used initials for each subject. Eleven notebooks have been scanned and are available online. Other will be also be scanned and added to the web site.

    1. General materials
    2. JFK - John F. Kennedy
    3. KAL 007 - Korean Flight KAL 007
    4. LHO - Lee Harvey Oswald
    5. MJK - Mary Jo Kopechne - MJK
    6. MLK - Martin Luther King
    7. RFK - Robert F. Kennedy

III. Dealey Plaza Drawings: Detailed graphic architectural style drawing of Dealey Plaza illustrating various aspects of the Kennedy assassination. All 160 drawings have been scanned and added to the web site.

IV. Letterboxes: These are old fashioned letter boxes used many years ago on business offices. Cutler recycled them to store newspaper clippings about a variety of topics. In some cases he used similar abbreviations for the topics. The contents of each letter box were transferred to acid-free folders using his original divisions. Cutler provided a detailed list of articles in many boxes. Every article title appears in the inventories.

    1. General subject news articles
      1. Benito Simeon Aquino
      2. Compilation
      3. Fromme - Lynette Alice “Squeaky” Fromme (associated with Manson family)
      4. George Wallace
      5. Grenada
      6. October surprise
      7. Pope Paul II
      8. Pot Pouri
      9. Ronald Reagan
      10. Rumination
      11. Una Bomber

    2. JFK - John F. Kennedy
    3. KAL 007 - Korean Flight KAL 007
    4. MJK - Mary Jo Kopechne
    5. MLK - Martin Luther King
    6. PHK - Polly Klaas
    7. RFK - Robert F. Kennedy

V. Media:

    2. Photo Slides
    3. Negatives
    4. Tape Roll
    5. Story Board
    6. Audio Tape
    7. Grassy Knoll Gazette

VI. Subject Folder