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Notebook 1





MV: New Orleans

Map of New Orleans







Mary: Garrison





"Ferrie and Sherman connected" sheet




Playboy interview w/Jim Garrison

Oct. �67



�The critical question. . .� sheet




A Heritage of Stone by Jim Garrison, copies from book







MV: Garrison





Questions for Judge Jim Garrison sheet, 3 pp.




Playboy interview w/Jim Garrison, (complete, pp. 59-178)

Oct. �67






MV: Guy Banister�s Files





Letter to Gus Russo from Ed Haslam r.e. Guy Bannister�s files

Jan. 18, 1993



�Bannister�s Files Missing � Author�s Note� by Ed Haslam

copyright 1992






MV: Banister





7 pp. author�s notes r.e. Bannister




�Guy Bannister�s Missing Files � An Attachment� by Ed Haslam

Copyright 1992






MV: Ferrie





Letter to Louis W. Ivon from Haslam

Dec. 3, 1992



Letter to Anne Benoit

Jul., 20, 1993



1 p. author�s notes r.e. Ferrie-Oswald connection




Letter to Perry Russo

Jan. 9, 1992



Letter to Jim D. Eugenio r.e. Ferrie/cancer studies

May 12, 1994



Copy of �Southern Research Company, Inc.� report r.e. Ferrie, pp. 1-13

Jan., 31, 1963



Add�tl research r.e. Ferrie, pp. 4-15

Aug., 12, 1963



Memo: Past and Present Addresses of Ferrie




Copy of �Southern Research Company, Inc.� report r.e. Ferrie, pp. 1-33

Jan. 31, 1963



Author�s notes, 2 pp., Ferrie & roommate




Letter to Frank Minyard

Oct. 17, 1992



Letter to Harry Connick

Oct. 16, 1992



Letter to Wayne Everard

Oct. 15, 1992



Destiny Betrayed, pp. 152-153, copy




Author�s notes on Ferrie, photo of Ferrie




�Appendix A: David Ferrie�s Cancer Treatise�




Propinquity File � connections Ferrie, Oswald, Martens, etc.







MV: Sherman, Dr. Mary





Letter to Barbara La Monica r.e. Flo Kennedy

Aug. 17, 1994



Photocopies: News article (Gambit Magazine, New Orleans) & police report r.e. Sherman�s death

Aug. 3, 1993/July 21, 1964



Listings of Dr. Sherman�s medical articles (Alton Ochsner Med. Foundation)

Oct. 24, 1995



Approx. 12 pp. of author�s notes on Sherman�s death






Notebook 2





MV: Ochsner





8 pp. author�s pre-lim research on Ochsner




Letter from FBI request investigate Ochsner

Dec. 2, 1949



Copies of �Notes from Alton Oshsner, Surgeon of the South

Jan. 1, 1995



FBI name check on Ochsner, 4 pp.

Mar. 31, 1965



2 letter corr. J. E. Hoover and James Morse r.e. INCA

Oct. 26-28, 1964



FBI report on Ochsner

Aug. 17, 1955 -June 18, 1965



Article, �Social Origins of Anticommunism: The Information Council of the Americas�




FBI Office memo r.e. Ochsner no longer serve as SAC Contact

Oct. 21, 159



Newspaper arts. On Ochsner

Sept. � Oct., 1981



Various pp. r.e. Ochsner and INCA







Mary: Medical Articles, AIDS, Cancer, etc. (1/2)








Dale Rex Coman, M.D.

�Decreased Mutual Adhesiveness, a Property of Cells from Squamous Cell Carcinomas�

May 6, 1944


Ludwik Gross, M.D.

�Is Leukemia Caused by a Transmissible Virus?� A working hypothesis�

June, 1954


Margaret Reed Lewis, et al.

�Further Studies on Oncolysis and Tumor Immunity in Rats�



John E. Gregory, M.D.

�Virus as a Cause of Human and Animal Malignancies�

Oct. 31, 1949


Margaret Reed Lewis, et al.

�Retarding Action of Adrenal Gland on Growht of Sarcoma Grafts in Rats�

Sept. 13, 1948


Cherelyn Vella, et al.

�Recognition of poliovirus/HIV chimaeras by antisera from individuals with HIV infection�

July 3, 1990


R. C. Gallo

�A Surprising Advance in the Treatment of Viral Leukemia�

Jne 29, 1995


B. R. Henderson

�Expression of the nm23-2/NDP kinase alpha gene in rat mammary and oral carcinoma cells��

June 30, 1993


N. Usami, K. Kobayashi, et al.

�Biological effects of Auger processes of bromine . . .�



Book Review by John Cohen

�The Gravest Show on Earth� review of America in the Age of AIDS



Newspaper arts.

New York Times, �Gene found in AIDS virus. . .�

Sept. 28, 1995


R. B. Domingues, et al

�Human T Lymphotropic Virus Type I. . .�

Dec. 12, 1994



�Chemical and Biological Weapons: Once Over Lightly on Capitol Hill�



Matthew S. Meselson

�Chemical and Biological Weapons�

May, 1970



�Gene Splicing Dominates Review of Weapons Pact�



D. S. Greenberg

�CBW: Britain Holds Open House at Its Biological Weapons Center�

Nov. 15, 1968


Tim Beardsley

�New Views from the Pentagon�

Sept., 1986


Seth Shulman

�Conflicting Views on the safety of US biological weapons�

May, 1988


M. Elvin-Lewis, et al

�Systemic Chlamydial Infection Associated with Generalized . . .�



pp. viii-xviii

American Medical Directory, 34th ed.



Photocopies of directory of doctors

Massachusetts, etc.



Hermann Lisco

�Carcinogenic Properties of Radioactive Fission Products. . .�

Dec. 1-6, 1946


Albert Claude, et al

�Electron microscope study of chicken tumor cells�



J. Furth and M.C. Boon

�Induction of Ovarian Tumors in Mice by X-Rays�

Nov. 1, 1946





Notebook 3





Mary: SV40




James T. Grace Jr. and Edwin A. Mirand

�Human Susceptibility to a Simian Tumor Virus�



Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr., et al

�An Evaluation of the Carcinogenicity of Simian Virus 40 in Man�

Aug. 31, 1963


C. Caron de Fromentel, et al

�Eithelial HBL-100 Cell Line Derived from Milk of an apparently healthy woman . . .�



Thierry Soussi, et al

�Evolutionary Conservation of the Biochemical Properties of p53: . . .�

Sept., 1989


O. Cussenot, et al

�Immortalization of Human Adult Normal Prostatic Epithelial Cells by Liposomes . . .�

Sept., 1991


  1. Yilmaz

�Malignant progression of SV40-immortalised human milk epithelial cells�



  1. Ekbom, et al

�Breast-feeding and breast cancer in the offspring�



Jerome Lebeau

�Loss of Chromosome 3p Arm Differentiating . . .�



H. Vasken Aposhian, et al

�Formation of Nucleoprotein Complexes between. . .�

Mar., 1975


Peter Tegtmeyer

�Function of Simian Virus 40 Gene A in Transforming Infection�

Mar., 1975


Mary Osborn and Klaus Weber

�Simian Virus 40 Gene A Function and Maintenance of Transformation�

Mar., 1975


Joan S. Brugge and Janet S. Butel

�Role of Simian Virus 40 Gene A Function in Maintenance of Transformation�

Mar., 1975


Raju Kucherlapati, et al

�Another chromosomal assignment for a simian virus 40 integration site in human cells�

Sept., 1978


J. F. Watkins and Renato Dulbecco

�Production of SV40 Virus in Heterokaryons. . .�

Aug., 1967


J. Sambrook, et al

�The Integrated State of Viral DNA in SV40-Transformed Cells�

June, 1968


Kunito Yoshiike

�Studies on DNA from Low-Density Particles of SV40�

Oct., 1967


Baum, Wiese, Reich

�Studies on the Mechanisms of Enhancement of Adenovirus 7 Infection in African Green Monkey cells. . .�



Terri Grodzicker, et al

�Conditional Lethal Mutants of Adenovirus 2-Simian Virus 40 Hybrids�

Jan., 1974


Harvey M. Shein and John F. Enders

�Multiplication and Cytopathogenicity of Simian Vacuolating. . .�



Bernice E. Eddy, et al

�Identification of the Oncogenic Substance in Rhesus Monkey Kidney Cell Cultures as Simian Virus 40�

Jan., 1962


Paul Gerber and Ruth L. Kirschstein

�SV-40 Induced Ependymomas in Newborn Hamsters�

Aug., 1962


Paul Gerber, et al

�Inactivation of Vacuolating Virus (SV-40) by Formaldehyde�



Robert J. Huebner

�Tumor Virus Study Systems�



Ling-Nah Su and J. B. Little

�Transformation and radiosensitivity of human diploid skin. . .�

May, 1992


Sidney P. Kent

�Spontaneous and Induced Malignant Neoplasms in Monkeys�



Harvey M. Shein and John F. Enders

�Transformation induced by Simian Virus 40 in Human Renal cell cultures. . .�

May, 1962


Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr., et al

�Simian Virus 40 in Polio Vaccine: Follow-Up of Newborn Recipients�



Paul Gerber

�Patterns of Antibodies to SV40 in children Following the Last Booster. . .�

May, 1967


Fraumeni, et al

Chart of per capita doses of Salk vaccine with SV40 given to children 6-8 yrs.



Philip Cohen

�Bullwinkle�s Hat�

Summer, 1995


Barbara Baker

�Brain Cancer on Rise in Elderly Floridians�



Knowledge Server

List of articles/books r.e. �Virus and Mutation�

Oct., 1995


Knowledge Server

List of articles/books r.e. �virus, antigens, tumor, etc.�

Sept., 1995


Knowledge Server (sample copy)

List of articles/books r.e. �virus, antigens, tumor, etc.�

Sept., 1995


James Luby and Charles Sanders

�Green Monkey Disease (�Marburg Virus� Disease): A New Zoonosis�






Notebook 4





Mary: Medical Articles, AIDS, Cancer, etc. (2/2)




W. C. Hueper

�Environmental Carcinogenesis in Man and Animals�



Carlos Cordon-Cardo

�Mutation of Cell Cycle Regulators: Biological. . .�

Sept., 1995


Author�s notes from research

Medical hypotheses and leukemia



Koshi Maruyama, et al

�Autonomous Growth of Human T-Lymphotropic Virus Type I. . .�

Jan., 1991


Ellen S.-P. Ho, et al

�Analysis of Oncogenic Progression in a Radiation Leukemia Virus Model�

Mar., 1994


Author�s search results from Medline

Cell transformation, virus, etc.

1991 to Oct. 1995


Author�s search results from Medline

Cell transformation, virus, polyomavirus macacae, etc.

1991 to Oct. 1995


Akihiro Kurimasa, et al

�A human gene that restores the DNA-repair defect. . .�

May, 1993


Author�s letter to Carol




Abraham H. Parola, et al

�Chicken Embryo Fibroblasts Exposed to Weak, Time-Varying, . . .�

May, 1991


Knowledge Server Results List

�green monkey�



Knowledge Server Results List

�virus and mutation�







Mary: Medical Articles by Mary Sherman




Robert F. Garry, et al

�Documentation of an AIDS Virus infection in the US in 1968�

Oct., 1988


Marilys H.Witte, et al

�AIDS in 1968� letter to editor

May, 1984


William H. Cole, et al

�Lymph Culture: New Tool for the Investigation of Human Infections�

May, 1969


Mary Sherman and Richard Fabricius

�Giant-Cell Tumor in the Metaphysis in a Child�

Dec., 1961


Mary Sherman, et al

�Luschka�s Joint � A Degenerative Phenomenon�

July, 1960


Mary Sherman and Roshen N. Irani

�Osteogenic Sarcoma�

Apr., 1962


Roshen N. Irani and Mary Sherman

�The Pathological Anatomy of Club Foot�

Jan., 1963


Mary Sherman

�The Nerves of Bone�

Apr., 1963


Mary Sherman

�The Sarcoma of Bone�

Mar., 1963


Mary Sherman and Gordon McFarland

�Mechanisms of Pain in Osteoid Osteomas�

Feb., 1965


John L. Wright and Mary Sherman

�An Unusual Chondroblastoma�

Apr., 1964


Alan H. Goodman and Mary Sherman

�Postirradiation Fractures of the Femoral Neck�

June, 1963


Bernice E. Eddy, et al

�Tumors Induced in Hamsters by Injection of Rhesus Monkey. . .�



Gertrude Henle, et al

�The Development of Polyoma Virus in Mouse Embryo Cells as. . .�



R. Dulbecco and G. Freeman

�Plague Productivity by the Polyoma Virus�



Ernest Winocour and Leo Sacks

�A Plague Assay for the Polyoma Virus�



Tamar Gotlieb-Stematsky and Sophie Leventon

�Studies on the Biological Properties of Two Plaque Variants. . .�



Sarah E. Stewart, et al

�The Induction of Neoplasms with a Substance Released from Mouse Tumors. . .�




�No AIDS Risk from Polio Vaccines�

June, 1992


Hilary Koprowski

�AIDS and the Polio Vaccine� Letter to Editor

Aug., 1992


M. Elvin-Lewis, et al

�Systemic Chlamydial Infection Associated with Generalized Lymphedema and. . .�







Mary: Radio/Interview




Elizabeth Pennisi

�Monkey Virus DNA Found in Rare Human Cancers�

Feb., 1997


Ed Haslam

Author�s Outline of 6 Key Points for Radio Interview



Ed Haslam

�Mary, Ferrie, and the Monkey Virus� � 1st Draft

Oct., 1995


Ed Haslam

�Mary, Ferrie, and the Monkey Virus� � 2nd Draft

Nov., 1995






MV: Stumpf, Stanley





Jubilee Dufbar, Bette Rosenbaum

Sept./Oct., 1974 � Oct. 2008






MV: Bio, Enrico Fermi





Article on Enrico Fermi






Notebook 5

(The following order reflects the organization of the material by Poage staff to facilitate research and does not reflect the original order.)




Sherman, Dr. Mary, succession, death





�Mary Stults Sherman� biography

Dec., 1964


Mary Sherman

Last Will and Testament

June, 1958


Civil Dist. Court, Parish of Orleans

Succession of Dr. Mary Stults Sherman

Sept. 2, 1964


Civil Dist. Court, Parish of Orleans

Succession of Dr. Mary Stults Sherman

Jan. 11, 1965


Civil Dist. Court, Parish of Orleans

�Succession of Dr. Mary Stults Sherman�

June, 1965


Civil Dist. Court, Parish of Orleans

Succession of Dr. Mary Stults Sherman

Nov. 26, 1965


N. Orlean�s States Item

Articles re. Sherman death,

July 21- Aug. 15, 1964


Times Picayune

Articles re. Mary Sherman�s death, police probes, no leads

July 22-Aug. 15, 1964


Lloyd F. LoCascio, Asst. Coronor, Orleans Parish Coroner�s Office

Autopsy Protocol, Dr. Mary Sherman

July 21, 1964



Questions for Dr. Monroe S. Samuels r.e. Sherman autopsy



New Orleans Police Dept.

Supplementary Report

Oct. 29, 1964


New Orleans Police Dept.

Report of Offense Against Persons

July 21, 1964


Wayne Everard

6 pp. corr. R.e. Haslam�s research at LA public library



David A. Dalia

Letter to Haslam

Apr. 19, 1994


Ed Haslam

�Homicide Report� summary of notes r.e. Sherman�s death

Mar. 1, 1993



Articles r.e. Sherman�s death � initial and 10 yrs. Later

July 22, 1964; Aug. 18, 1974


Ochsner, Edward




J. Edgar Hoover

Letter req. full field investigation of Edward Ochsner

May 25, 1948


SAC, New Orleans

Letter of report r.e. Ochsner

June 5, 1948


SAC, New Orleans

Memo recommending Ochsner as SAC contact

Oct.25, 1957



File on Ochsner, �Security Investigation Data for Sensitive Position� 56-3225




File on Ochsner, �Security Investigation Data for Sensitive Position� 60-528

Oct. 25, 1959


Ed Haslam

Letter to Gus Russo r.e. possible lead

Mar. 1, 1993



Interview with Jim Garrison, 2 copies

Oct., 1967


Don Lee Keith, Sr. ed., Gambit Magazine

�A Matter of Motives�, 2 copies, plus 1 p. of Haslam�s notes

Aug., 193