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About the Collection

File written by Adobe Photoshop' 5.2The JFK Materials collection began in 2004 with the acquisition of the papers of Penn Jones, Jr. from his friend, Bob Platt. These papers included correspondence, manuscripts, cassette tapes, video tapes, magazines, photographs and various publications. Additional materials were given by Penn Jones' sons including a large group of materials related to Penn's service with the 36th Infantry Division in WWII. The new web site for the Penn Jones Collection is

Since then, we have partnered with Jack White and Gary Shaw to duplicate JFK materials from their personal collections. As of 2008, we had added 40+ JFK assassination research newsletter titles with over 800 individual issues, 420 magazine articles, 200+ videos, 100+ cassettes, HSCOAvideos and cassettes, and correspondence from hundreds of individuals. We have also added general magazines, newspapers and videos documenting the life and death of President Kennedy.

The library has also received materials from H. C. Nash, John Kelin, Chris Pike, Bob Platt, Doug Weldon, and Jack Hightower ,John Armstrong,Larry Breen ,Mae Brussell

, as well as local Waco residents Larry Breen, Don Grisham and Joan Jasek. Many of these materials are listed on our JFK web site:

We are also partnering with the Harold Weisberg Archive at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, to share materials and information.


New Material Added

Researchers List






John Armstrong, researcher, writer, TX

Harvey and Lee: How the CIA framed Oswald, 2003

Baylor’s Riley Center scanned over 100,000 pages of research related to Armstrong’s book, Harvey and Lee. All are online and full-text searchable.


Larry Breen, teacher, TX


This local Waco school teacher donated books, magazines, newspapers, tabloids and memorabilia related to Pres. Kennedy.


Mae Brussell, radio host, CA

Brussel Sprouts

Poage Library purchased the radio recordings from The listing of tapes is online:


Robert Bradley Cutler, architect, researcher, MA

Grassy Knoll Gazette

Cutler’s family sent over 30 boxes of materials from 30 years of research: books, newspaper clippings, Dealey Plaza Blueprints, media and topic files. His books were cataloged as a special collection. The Grassy Knoll Gazette if scanned and full-text searchable:


Mary Ferrell, legal secretary, researcher, TX


The Mary Ferrell Foundation is working with Poage Library to process and house the magazines, newspapers, journals, newsletters and gov. documents collected by Mary Ferrell. These materials will be listed online as they are processed:


Don Grisham, teacher, TX


These materials include reports of the Dallas Police related to the arrest of Oswald and photographs of evidence.


Ed Haslam, advertising background, FL

Dr. Mary’s Monkey

This collection consists of one box of research material for his book: (Scans available by request).


Paul Hoch, retired programmer/ analyst,, CA

Echoes of Conspiracy, 1979-1994

Paul Hoch’’s set of Warren Commission documents, ABNP files and HSCA files have been deposited in Poage Library:


Joan Jasek, retired,TX

Statement of Father Oscar Huber

Newspapers and magazines related to Pres. Kennedy.

Also materials related to Father Oscar Huber who administered last rites to Pres. Kennedy:


Penn Jones Jr., newspaper editor, TX

Forgive My Grief; The Continuing Inquiry

Collection contains correspondence, gov. materials, articles, books, publications, media materials, and personal materials about Penn Jones including his service in WWII.

The Continuing Inquiry is scanned and full-text searchable:

John Kelin , writer, CO

Fair Play 0nline newsletter

CDs and Cassettes selected for Poage Library by John Kelin.


Ernest Lackovic , VT


Sent by his grandson in Vermont, these personal papers relate not only to Pres. Kennedy, but also to NASA, the bicentennial, the Pope, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jr. Iran and El Salvador.


Don Michel , radio broadcaster, IL


Don Michel was broadcasting live on a radio station in Anna, IL, when President Kennedy was assassinated. He called the Dallas Police and recorded his conversation with them about the arrest of Oswald. He was one of the first persons to announce that Oswald had been arrested. There are 16 boxes of materials including the UPI teletype for Nov. 22, 1963:


Marguerite Oswald, TX

Aftermath of an execution

Web site contains photographs of Oswald’s funeral from the book by his mother.


Paranoia Magazine, RI


The editor of Paranoia sent not only all issues of Paranoia magazine but also selected issues containing articles specifically about Kennedy.


Dr. John Nichols, pathologist, KS

The Wounding of Governor John Connally of Texas

Dr. Nichols taught in the Department of Pathology, University of Kansas Medical Center. His research on the wounds of John Connally were reprinted in The Continuing Inquiry:


Bob Platt, retired professor, TX


Dr. Platt was a friend of Penn Jones for many years. He gave Poage Library Penn Jones’ papers along with many other JFK related items:


Grover B. Proctor Jr, education consultant, NC

The Raleigh Call

Dr. Proctor deposited his JFK book collection and is the author of an article and research related to Oswald’s Raleigh Call:


Dick Russell, environmental journalist, MA

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Dick Russell has deposited around 30 boxes of his research materials related to JFK.


Gus Russo , investigative reporter,


Brothers in Arms: The Kennedys, the Castros, and the Politics of Murder, 2008 and others

Gus Russo has sent 17 boxes of research materials gathered for his books about President Kennedy, Cuba and Castro. The web site has a link to the contents of his research boxes.


Roy Schaeffer, OH

The Case for Zapruder Film Tampering?”

In addition to his manuscript materials, Roy Schaeffer has given Poage Library 12 cameras like those used in Dealey Plaza in 1963, numerous videos and items related to the OK City bombing and 9-11.


Ron Schick, NY


Ron Schick deposited a box of materials which included magazines, books, newsletters, correspondence, tabloids, articles from newspapers and magazines.


Theresa Seay, NC

The Warren Commission and beyond

Following her death in 2011, her husband sent us her books and research materials for her PhD thesis at UConn: The Warren Commission and beyond: The question of conspiracy in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Gary Shaw , architect, TX

Cover-up; JFK has been shot

Gary Shaw has allowed Poage Library to copy newsletters and has deposited unique materials related to Oswald at Parkland, Roscoe White and a Charles Gharis cartoon.


Mary Love Smith , CA


Mary Love Smith was a friend of Penn Jones who sent him cassette tapes of the HSCA hearings along with her personal notes.


Jack White , freelance artist/photographer, TX

Videos about Oswald

Beginning around 2005, Jack White loaned his Kennedy materials to Poage Library to copy.: correspondence, videos, cassettes, slides, and newspapers. Everything returned to him was deposited in the UT Arlington special collections.



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