Baylor University Poage Library

Collection Statement

My main purpose for writing Harvey and Lee was first and foremost to make some of my documentation, interviews, photos, etc. available to fellow researchers. My hope was that researchers could use these documents and information to supplement and expand their own work and someday solve the JFK mystery.

My second purpose in writing the book was to link documents together that appear to show that a young Russian-speaking boy assumed the name and identity of American-born Lee Harvey Oswald. The original purpose (1950's) was to allow the Russian-speaking boy to assume the identity, background, birth, and family records of the real LHO (with full knowledge of Oswald family members). Then, after serving in the US Marine Corps, the Russian-speaking "Oswald" (Harvey) could "defect" to the Soviet Union where his ability to speak and understand Russian would give him the opportunity to spy for the CIA.

My third purpose in writing the book was to link documents together that appear to show that American born Lee Oswald was used to impersonate the "patsy" (Harvey) in the months leading up to November 22 and help frame him for the assassination (at the direction of the CIA).

Finally, it has never been my interest nor my desire to try and convince anyone that my analysis of the documents (Harvey and Lee) is correct. It is and continues to be my desire to provide access to my entire collection of documents in order to help researchers and allow them to form their own conclusions. Accordingly, I have loaned my entire collection of documents (over 100,000 items) to Baylor University so that all documents could be copied and made available online as well as at Baylor's Penn Jones Collection Library to people interested in the assassination.