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The man who killed Kennedy

The Ordeal of Oswald's keeper

Fall, 1993

Aura of Fort Worth

Who Killed JKF?

November / December, 1993


JFK: There was a Cover-Up-But not of Who Killed him

September 6, 1993

Steamshovel Press

JFK: Thirty Years Gone: The High & the Mighty: JFK, MPM, LSD &the CIA


November 9, 1993

US News and World Report

A brilliant new book, "Case Closed," makes an airtight case against JFK's killer

Book excerpt, Part I: In the footsteps of Lee Oswald on Nov. 22. 1963

Book excerpt, Part II: How scientific advances prove the single-bullet theory

August 30 - September 6, 1993

US News and World Report

60th Anniversary: 1933-1993:
1963- Death in the Streets,
Getting the bugs out of White House,
1983- Falling Walls, Rising Dreams

October, 1993

US News and World Report

Thirty years later: The lost America of John Kennedy

November 15, 1993