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American Heritage

The President's Best Friend
The Story of John F. Kennedy and LeMoyne Billings

June, 1983


Assassination In Dallas
Assassination In Dallas
Did Oswald Act Alone?
After Camelot

November, 1983

Dallas Morning News

Twenty-two years later...

November 20, 1983

Fort Worth Star Telegram

The Turning Point

November 20, 1983


The Kennedy Assassination: 4 Days That Stopped America
The Kennedy Assassination, 20 Years Later Favorite Photographs of The Man

November, 1983


The Kennedy Legacy
A personal account by Pierre Salinger

November 28, 1983


What JFK Meant To Us
30 Americans Reflect on
The Man, The Myth, The Legacy

November 28, 1983


What were you doing the day he died?
Lord Home, Neil Kinnock, Millicent Martin and others recall the shock of Kennedy's assassination, 20 years ago this month

November 13, 1983


The Kennedys: 20 Years Later

Nov. 22, 1963: A Day Beyond Forgetting Kennedy Television Show The Lives of JFK Jr.and Caroline A Georgetown Romance America Loved this President The family of Lee Harvey Oswald

November 28, 1983

Texas Monthly

Oswald's Ghost
The Legacy of Lee Harvey Oswald Why do the Hate us so Much? Still on the Case

November, 1983

The Grassy Knoll Gazette

Penn Jones jr's No. 9
20-20 Hindsight
Twenty Years After
Banana Republic

December, 1983

Third Coast

The Persistence of Memory

October, 1983


J.F.K: How Good A President Was He?
After 20 years, the question: How good a President?

November 14, 1983

US News and World Report

The Gap Widens

Untold story of the road to war in Vietnam

October 10, 1983