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American Photographer

The shooting of the shooting of the President

June, 1981

American Rifleman

President stands firm on Gun reform

June, 1981

The Investigator

Investigator Profile

Confidential File: How the Kremlin plans to test Ronald Reagan

Unsolved Mystery: The Treasure of Victoria Peak

October, 1981


Editor's note: A young man from a good family

The shooting of the President

Reagan's Ranch

May, 1981


Special Report: The Shooting of the President

April 13, 1981

Paris Match

Special Reagan 26 pages

April 10, 1981


The shots that stunned the world: The courageous President

April 13, 1981


Murderer, Martyr- or both?
The tangled case of the Sioux "Enforcer", Leonard Peltier

Billy Joel, Olivia, Kiss & the FBI battle record piracy

April 20,1981


When the cheering died

March 23, 1981


Oh, My God, It's happening

A sense of where we were

Business as usual-almost

Six shots at a Nation's heart

April 13, 1981


Hand of Terrorism: A pope of peace falls victim to a vengeful gunman

May 25, 1981


The brethren's first sister

July 20, 1981


Freezing moments in History

December 28, 1981


Authorized: Best Evidence: the JFK coffin

March 17, 1981

US News and World Report

Did Reagan's "Workfare" work in California?

A crucial spring: Reagan

Jimmy Carter: Back home and on the mend

March 30, 1981

US News and World Report

What Impact?

Did Secret Service drop its guard?

The President as patient - Behind the scenes

What is being done about waste in the Pentagon

April 13, 1981

US News and World Report

After the Victory

May 18, 1981

US News and World Report

A crime that shocked the world

Why it is so hard to protect world leaders?

How Russia steals U.S. Defense Secrets

Reagan runs up the real Washington

May 25, 1981

US News and World Report

CIA about to start on the comeback trial

Reagan White House - Glitter and Grace

Exclusive Interview: Nancy Reagan's

June 01, 1981

US News and World Report

When CIA spies come in from the cold

Interview with Harold Brown, Former Secretary of Defense: Where Reagan is going wrong on defense policy?

September 28, 1981