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Strange Deaths of JFK- Assassination Figures

An unexplained aftermath or the Kennedy assassination is that at least ten persons, each with some special knowledge of the tragedy, have died violent, peculiar or mysterious deaths.

February, 1967


The Avenger: "You will know me! I'm Jack Ruby!"

May, 1967


Is This The Bullet That Killed JFK?

What the Warren Commission Missed!

May, 1967


A Rare Photo For the President's Album: Lyndon Johnson

July 07, 1967


Why Kennedy Went to Texas

A Contribution to History
Governor Connally sets the record strait on the fateful visit
Together with unpublished pictures by nine bystanders
Last Seconds of the Motorcade

November 24, 1967


The Death Of A President: Part 1

Beginning the most personal, detailed and unexpected account of the assassination. The only book Mrs. John F. Kennedy asked to be written about her husband.

January 24, 1967


The Death Of A President: The Day JFK Died, Part 2

William Manchester discloses the terrifying chaos that followed the shooting in Dallas

February 07, 1967


The Death Of A President: Flight From Dallas, Part 3

The abrasive relationship between Kennedy and Johnson partisans during the hours aboard Air Force One

February 21, 1967


The Death Of A President: The Dramatic Conclusion, Part 4

William Manchester tells of hushed conversations at Bethesda; of plans for the funeral; of friction between LBJ and JFK partisans as power changed hands at the White House

March 07, 1967


He Was My Brother

October 17, 1967


The Assassination, the Warren Report, and the Public Trust

February, 1967


The Kennedy Assassination

Did Oswald act alone?
Was the Warren Report wrong?
Was evidence suppressed?
Do we need a new investigation?

January 14, 1967


The National Sport of Watching Jackie Kennedy

March 11, 1967


The Death Of A President: A Plot To Kill Kennedy?

The story behind the New Orleans investigation

May 06, 1967


Bobby Kennedy talks about his future

August 26, 1967


Six Seconds in Dallas

Major New Study Shows Three Assassins Killed Kennedy

December 02, 1967


The Political Portrait Of Robert Kennedy

A Political Portrait of Robert Kennedy A Letter from Jail by Jack Ruby

February, 1967


Der Farbfirm, der Kennedy's Ermordung genau zeigt

January 15, 1967