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John F. Kennedy: His Life - His Presidency - His Legacy

President Kennedy at Love
Field on Nov. 22, 1963
This editorial cartoon by
Herc Ficklen appeared
in the Dallas Morning
on Nov. 21, 1963.
It refers to Kennedy's
trip to Texas as a
hunting expedition for
electoral votes.
From the collection of
Robert F. Darden

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This fall marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In his honor, the Poage Legislative Library presents: John F. Kennedy: His Life - His Presidency - His Legacy

The exhibit examines Kennedy's family life with his wife Jackie and children, John, Jr. and Caroline; his short presidency; and the issues addressed because of his legacy.

The exhibit contains iconic covers from LIFE, LOOK and other magazines, Kennedy stamps, books, newspapers, campaign materials, inauguration invitations,and the UPI and AP teletypes from November 22, 1963. There is also an exhibit of cameras like those used by people in Dealey Plaza that day.

The exhibit will run through May 2014. The part of the exhibit regarding his assassination will be removed in December and an installation on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 will be added in January. Kennedy was instrumental in the success of this landmark legislation.

Poage Library is open M-F from 8am to 5pm and is located across from Castellaw and Rogers buildings, between Moody and Jones Libraries. Please call if you need directions or would like to arrange a tour. Phone 254-710-3540 or email

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