Baylor University Poage Library


You can tell from the other articles - this is a busy time for Poage Library. Bob Poage, Frank Mayborn and other visionaries would be proud of what their vision for the library has achieved. They did the groundwork, and now it is up to us to keep the vision going and growing. Ben has been meeting with Southwest Solutions about the compact shelving and he reports GOOD NEWS!

If we put new shelving in half the library at the same time as we move one-third of the existing shelves onto the moveable platform, we can keep the cost to $196,000. This is considerably less than when we started and Ben reports we already have about $145,000 on hand. This new shelving will allow room for perhaps another twenty years of growth. These are exciting times for Poage Library. Recent materials have been received for Judge Charles Barrow, Judge Jack Hightower and Hyde Murray. In addition, the library receives research collections related to the Kennedy assassination on a regular basis.

Please join with us to complete the vision.

Fowler West, Washington, DC
Skip Dowdy, Ft. Worth