Baylor University Poage Library

Library Plans for Improvements

The Challenge

These books are onshelves designed for archival boxes, so they are deeper than is needed.

Overcrowding on the shelves required storing books from multi-volume sets.

Poage Library has run out of space for its collections and a new building or even expanding the current structure are not viable options to solve this problem. What then can be done?

The most plausible solution is to install compact shelving: mobile, high-density shelving that effectively doubles that of conventional fixed shelving. It does this by putting shelves on tracks and collapsing the aisles. Moving a range of shelves may be done manually or electronically.

The total cost for this project will be approximately $450,000. In the first stage endowment funds will be combined with donor gifts to cover the expected cost of between $125,000-150,000. Shelving will be installed in the current processing area on the lower level.

Compact shelving units, like these from Montel, are
needed to hold the Poage book collection currently
housed on over-sized shelves and in boxes on the floor.