Baylor University Poage Library

The Standing Committee's Annual Meeting

The North Village Community Center was the site for the annual luncheon of The Standing Committee.

On Friday, October 19, 2012, The Standing Committee (TSC) held its annual luncheon meeting with nearly 50 people in attendance. The event was held at the North Village Community Center beginning at noon. Prior to the luncheon many guests gathered at the Poage Library to take in the Race for the White House exhibit currently on display. It was a time to remember campaigns past, visit with one another and enjoy light refreshments.

TSC Co-Chair Skip Dowdy offered the prayer followed by introductions from Poage Director Ben Rogers. Associate Dean Jeff Steely brought greetings from Dean Pattie Orr, as well as kind words of appreciation for the hard work, dedication and accomplishments of the Poage staff.

Congressman Chet Edwards gave an update on his work as the W. R. Poage Distinguished Chair of Public Service. He thanked those present, as well as those that were unable to attend, for their generous support and commitment to the Poage Library.

Staff members Mary Goolsby and Bill Hair reported on the Kettering Foundation Community Forums and the successful outcome to find a new Bullock Archivist, respectively; and graduate student Kyle Beam, the first TSC intern, gave a report of his work with media projects and thanked TSC for providing the funds for his summer internship.

Fowler West, TSC Co-Chair, delivered his report that drew about how the Poage Library is out of space. The proposed solution is to install compact shelving.

At the close of the meeting, Ben recognized Skip & Sarah Dowdy for their strong and unwavering support of The Standing Committee and Poage Library through the establishment of two endowments in the past year. Ben presented them a beautiful charger made by Baylor professor and Ceramist-In-Residence, Paul McCoy, as well as a first edition of the book, Listening In: The Secret White House Recordings of John F. Kennedy, signed by Caroline Kennedy.