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The Kettering Foundation of Dayton, Ohio, has a world-wide network of organizations helping to answer the question, "What makes democracy work?" Poage staff have received training from the foundation in convening community forums and in concerns gathering.

Concerns gathering is the next step in a 2-year process undertaken by the library and other members of the Association of the Centers for the Study of Congress to name and frame a new issue book. This book will join a host of issue books used throughout the United States exploring such topics as campaign finance reform, the national debt, energy options, health care, immigration, internet content and other national issues with a local impact. The goal is to strengthen our deliberative democracy and raise the level of discourse about the issues that define us.

Library staff will begin concerns gathering sessions in January on the question, "When you think about how we get things done together in our community, what concerns you? What bothers you personally?"

If you are interested in participating in a session, please contact us at or 254-710-3540.