Baylor University Poage Library

From the Director

Team Poage
Christmas 2012

The fall semester of the 2012-2013 school year has been busy indeed. You will see just how busy as you peruse this report.

The Race for the White House exhibit was well received. A special thanks again to Dr. Bob Platt and George Meyer who collected most of the political materials and to the John and JD Dowdy Foundation for funding the purchase of most of these materials for the library. Also we are indebted to Beth Hair who curated the exhibit.

Preparations have been ongoing for several months for the spring exhibit: Middle East Patterns ~ People, Places and Politics. This will be a fifty-year retrospective of the Middle East as seen through the photography of Dr. Colbert Held, retired Baylor professor and diplomat-in-residence. You will not want to miss this visual display culled from 19,000 slides taken during Dr. Held's years as a diplomat in the Middle East with the State Department.

The Standing Committee held its annual luncheon on October 19 and we had a record turnout. Co-Chairs Fowler West and Skip Dowdy provided excellent leadership and the Fuddruckers hamburger and pulled pork sliders created the political campaign atmosphere to compliment the exhibit. Everyone seemed to enjoy one another's company and Fowler's challenge to raise funds for much-needed compact shelving on the lower level of Poage Library.

A national search for a new Bullock Archivist lead by Bill Hair attracted over 50 applicants. One young woman in particular was the crème de la crème-and she agreed to come and join us, even after she met me! Meet her in these pages.

We have partnered with the Kettering Foundation and other Association of Centers for the Study of Congress to conduct community forums focused on ‘concerns gathering'. Look inside to see how Mary works with the forums.

Congressman Chet Edwards, our very own W. R. Poage Distinguished Chair for Public Policy, spent two weeks on campus in September and October teaching classes and meeting with student leaders.

Finally, discover what new collections we've received and recent research conducted in Poage Library. Inquiring minds want to know.

Ben Rogers, director