Baylor University Poage Library

Poage Collaborates with School of Education


Teacher Training. On Aug. 8 we held a test forum for our Kettering project with 15 social studies teachers and pre-service teachers. The working title of the new issue guide due to be finished this year is "The Great Divide: How can we work across our differences to move America forward?" The training and tour of the library and exhibit area was arranged with Dr. Brooke Blevins and Dr. Karon LeCompte in the School of Ed-ucation. Ashley Thornton, Baylor director of continu-ous improvement, was the moderator for this session assisted by Mary Goolsby and Bill Hair.

iEngage Civics Camp. On Aug. 12, Drs. Blevins and LeCompte brought 60 students (4th through 10th grade) who were participating in the iEngage Civics Camp to the library. Mary and five student assistants walked the young visitors through four stations. The students in small groups viewed several tables with campaign items and heard about the evolu-tion of campaign materials. They were given a chance to use this information to create a button, slogan, bumper sticker, etc. to address a community problem or concern. The students used hunger, poverty, ani-mal abuse and other topics for their art projects.

The students were told about Judge Jack Hightower and his collection and were able to view several spe-cial items from the book vault. During a tour of the JFK exhibit they completed a scavenger hunt created by Poage graduate students. This collaboration with the School of Education was a huge success. Drs. Blevins and LeCompte also brought their fall educa-tion classes to see the same treasures at the Poage.