Baylor University Poage Library







LBJ making phone calls in his office

7.5 x 9.5


Johnson speaking for president - "Air Force One" in background

11 x 14


LBJ played with a kid and showed him a boot

7.4 x 11.4

Jan.5, 1968

Signed photograph as Senate leader. "To Dickie Morrison. With best regards from his friend, Lyndon B. Johnson."

8 x 10


"To Riehand Thornton. From his friend Lyndon Johnson."

9.74 x 13


"he who meddles in a quarrel not his own is like one who takes a passing dog by the ears" –proverbs 26:17

14.75 x 18.25


Election day, 1964. Historical photo by Gayle Essary

8 x 10

Sep.7, 1964

LBJ with Lady Bird Johnson and two daughters at LBJ Ranch

8 x 10


"With best wishes. Lady Bird Johnson." Family photo.

3.5 x 4.75


"With personal best wishes and kindest regards. From your Congressman. Lyndon B. Johnson."

7.5 x 9.25


Johnson feeding his two dogs

8 x 10


"You're in good hands with LBJ."

8 x 10


A dog

5 x 7

Aug.12, 1963

Johnson and Mrs. Johnson sitting together on a bench beside a lake

7 x 10

Sep.30, 1967

President's airplane

8 x 10


President's plane in the air

8 x 10


White house

8 x 10


LBJ with Lady Bird Johnson and two daughters standing on the grass in the white house

8 x 10


LBJ (colorful)

8 x 10


LBJ (black and white) 2 copies

8 x 10


LBJ 2 copies

6 x 7.5


LBJ library photo by Y. R. Okamoto

8 x 10


The LBJ Ranch as seen from Gemini 12 at 170 miles altitude, November 14, 1966. Presented to President and Mrs. Johnson by astronauts Lovell and Aldrin on November 23, 1966.

8 x 10

Nov.14, 1966


8 x 10

[after 1969]

"For my friend Anna K Craft. With warm personal regards. Sam Houston Johnson." Sam Houston Johnson holding his book, My Brother Lyndon

8 x 10


Nixon, Connally, Ben Bernee, LBJ, Lady Bird, Agnew at opening of LBJ library in Austin, Texas

3.5 x 4.5



5 x 5


A picture in front of Capitol Hill of LBJ and Lady Bird with a group of ladies.

8 x 10

May 20, 1958

Lyndon Johnson standing among a crowd of people, some wearing Kennedy-Johnson hats, in a Kennedy-Johnson presidential campaign

8 x 10


Former U. S. Vice President John Nance Garner takes a bite from a serving of his birthday cake, assisted by Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson. The man between them is Dolph Briscoe, Jr., Chairman of the Garner Day Committee. Behind Mr. Garner is former U. S. President Harry S. Truman.

8 x 10


President Lyndon B. Johnson's Ranch, Stonewall, Texas. Picture taken during 1960

8 x 10


Luci Baines Johnson and Patrick John Nugent's wedding

5 x 7

Aug. 6, 1966

Senator Lyndon B. Johnson

8 x 9.5


Young LBJ

8 x 10


LBJ reading letters with his mother

8 x 10


The story of Pancho and his pal. Behind is LBJ giving a speech about Head Start program.

3.75 x 7.5


LBJ waving to his fans

8 x 10


LBJ talking to the press. Photo courtesy: Texas Highway Department Travel and Information Division

8 x 10


Signature: "To Mrs. Dean. With good wishes. Lady Bird Johnson."

At back: "To Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, with all good wishes of Mrs. Edgar (Edith Dean). This was made in front of Westover Hills Town Hall in 1949 when Mr. Johnson had just been elected U.S. Senator. Mr. Dean, at that time, was mayor of Fort Worth. Mrs. Fred Korth, center, is now wife of Secretary of the Navy. (Dec.12, 1962)

7.75 x 10

Sep.11, 1948

LBJ with Lady Bird Johnson and their two daughters

8 x 10


Senatorial candidate LBJ landed at Lindale for votes

7.5 x 9.5

Jun.16, 1948

LBJ talked to friends at dinner

7.5 x 11.4

Jul.23, 1967

LBJ talking and pointing one finger at someone

6.25 x 11.5

Aug.27, 1966

Johnson walking off the plane in a rainy day

7.4 x 11.25

May 19, 1967

"To ?, from his friend, Lyndon B. Johnson"

13 x 13.5


"For Max Nae, for those fine years of making the LBJ library a heightened experience for so many. All my gratitude! Lady Bird Johnson"

11.5 x 14.5


"For Max Nae, a dedicated friend of the LBJ Library for those many years. Ever gratefully. Lady Bird Johnson."

12 x 14.5


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