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Jim Riddlesperger, Jr.

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Jim Riddlesperger, professor, has toiled in the TCU political science department since 1982. He has taught a slew of students in a bunch of different courses, though he hangs out mostly in the arena of American politics, focusing on the presidency and Texas politics. For his teaching efforts, he has occasionally had the pleasure of receiving awards and has never, to his knowledge, been hung in effigy. He knows how lucky he is to share the academic journey with students, many of whom have capitalized on their opportunities to enjoy the pursuit of happiness and create successful careers.

He co-edited Presidential Leadership and Civil Rights Policy, co-authored the Texas edition of The Challenge of Democracy, co-authored The Austin-Boston Connection and edited a symposium entitled, "The Delicate Balance between Congress and the President." He has published an assortment of research articles, chapters in edited books, and encyclopedia entries�more than five dozen at the moment--to prove that he is not a complete professional banana slug. His much-needed research has filled gaps in the academic literature and might cure, if only temporarily, stubborn cases of insomnia. His record has assured Riddlesperger one of the biggest names in the discipline.

A frequent consultant to the news media concerning politics and elections, his commentary has filled what would otherwise be dead time on television, has engaged literally dozens of people on radio, and has provided newsprint that would help line the finest of birdcages. He also has masochistic tendencies, serving as a Question Leader and faculty consultant to the College Board's AP U.S. Government exam.

His marriage to Dr. Kristina Riddlesperger (clinical assistant professor of Nursing at TCU), has given him a lifetime best friend and partner in crime and has gifted him with two adult sons. He has decided life is too short to focus on elevated golf scores since humility is an attribute he has earned in abundance already. Through it all, he is reminded that if education is a serious enterprise, it also must reflect a joie de vivre to make it worthwhile.

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