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Bob Taylor
Robert Taylor was born in 1932 in Stockton, California, and was raised on the West Coast. His mother was a talented, but untrained, artist, and Bob became interested in art at a young age. By the time he reached high school, he was regularly drawing sports cartoons for the school newspaper, for which he won several awards.

In addition to his success drawing sports cartoons, Taylor was also skilled in playing sports particularly basketball. He earned an athletic scholarship to the University of California at Sacramento where he majored in education and minored in art and journalism. While in college, Taylor drew sports cartoons for the Sacramento Union.

After graduating in 1954, Taylor entered the Air Force and was stationed in San Antonio. He put his talents to use as an academic instructor and art director and as the sports editor and cartoonist for the base paper. He also did some freelance work for the San Antonio Light while in the service.

In 1958, Taylor was hired as the first editorial cartoonist at the Dallas Times Herald, when he was the youngest cartoonist on a major newspaper at age 26. He drew three sports cartoons and four editorial cartoons a week and became one of the premier draughtsmen in the business. Though Taylor wasn't familiar with editorial cartoons, it didn't take him long to master the art.

Bob Taylor has been honored by many organizations throughout his career and served as president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists in 1980.

Bob married the former Anne Femling in 1955. They have two sons: Kevin and Cameron.

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