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Dan Foote

Dan Foote was raised on the shores of Lake Erie in the Cleveland suburb of Madison, Ohio, -- where he spent most of the late 60's and early 70's believing the phrase "The Mistake on the Lake" referred to him. After a couple of years on academic probation at Milligan College (and a lifetiime diet of The 3 Stooges, The Marx Brothers and Mad Magazine) Dan decided he'd take a swing at professional cartooning...he quickly learned that a career in professional cartooning hits back.

After bouncing from one newspaper-to-another, Foote finally landed his dream job and was hired as editorial cartoonist for The Dallas Times Herald in 1989. Visions of Pulitizers danced in his head and Dan even won a few awards. But all good things must come to an end -- and that end for The Dallas Times Herald came in December 1991--leaving Foote in search of work. After three weeks of standing on a street corner with a "Will Toon For Food" sign, Dan went back to the drawing board...literally. He continued to produce weekly cartoon commentary for Pen Tip International Features until 2002. His cartoons appeared regularly in Newsweek, The Dallas Morning News, The Indianapolis Star, The San Francisco Examiner, The Toronto Sun, and The Boston Globe.

When he's not sleeping, Foote can be found in his studio where he doodles for the likes of Focus on the Family, Frito Lay, Family Christian Stores, The Wittenburg Door, Kimberly Clark, Gospel Light Publications and Dr Pepper. He's also an accomplished children's book writer and illustrator with over a dozen titles to his name.

Foote and his family have lived in the Dallas area for over 18 years...and still refuse to say "ya'll"...

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