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Drawing Power: Original Editorial Cartoons

Click HERE to see photos of the exhibition and the Opening Day festivities.

Drawing Power Logo JPGEditorial cartoons have been an important feature in our country's newspapers even before the original colonies declared independence to become the United States of America. With recognizable symbols, caricatures and humor, editorial cartoonists have provoked readers to think and clarify their own opinions about the hot topics of the day.

The W. R. Poage Legislative Library celebrated the art of editorial cartooning with an exhibition titled, "Drawing Power: Original Editorial Cartoons."

The exhibition ran from October 18 to December 20, 2008. Exhibition catalogs are available at the following Libraries: Moody, Jones, Poage, Armstrong Browning and The Texas Collection. An online version of the exhibition is available. All exhibition cartoonists are listed in the box on the right. If you click on their name you will get:

  • a biography
  • a link to their cartoons being used in the exhibit, with a caption provided by Robert Darden
  • a link to their personal Web site or newspaper's Web site, if available
  • a photo, if available
  • a self-caricature, if available
For more information, contact the Poage Library at 254-710-3540.