Baylor University Poage Library

Letter from Fowler West


February 7, 2005

Dear Friends:

Initial response to join THE STANDING COMMITTEE has been encouraging. You will see from the enclosed report that there are already 30 members who have contributed over $7,700 through various levels of membership. However, many of the friends of the library have yet to join. All of you who join THE STANDING COMMITTEE in 2005 will become charter members.

THE STANDING COMMITTEE exists to support the library and it's unique collections in every way we can. I hope we can encourage others who have been involved in politics to donate their papers to the library. Hopefully we can recruit other members to join THE STANDING COMMITTEE as well.

Since the anniversary luncheon in October, there have been a number of donations of books and papers to the library. Hyde Murray mailed his campaign button collection from Wisconsin to the library. Ben Guttery and Bob Platt both continue to collect and deposit campaign materials. Jack Hightower and Bob Platt have donated hundred of books about politics and politicians.

Research has also increased. A writer for the Texas Department of Banking centennial visited the library looking for illustrations in the campaign materials collections. A professor at Arizona State has requested information from the Dowdy papers. Texas Monthly Talks requested photographs from the Bullock Archive for a PBS program. And the daughter of Tom Pickett is bringing a professor from Lamar University to research in the Pickett papers.

The library needs our support. Read the enclosed materials and see what the library is doing. Remember you can join in memory of or in honor of loved ones and friends. So please consider sending in your membership and encouraging others to join with you.

God bless you.

Fowler West,

Acting Chairman