Baylor University Poage Library

Parts IX and X

  1. Statement on censorship and freedom of information:
    1. It is the policy of the BCPM that all serious researchers should have maximum appropriate access to all collections, although the library may be obligated to restrict access for reasons of security, preservation, or donor agreement.
    2. Although donor restrictions are generally discouraged, the BCPM will usually consider a time limitation on the opening of a collection for reasons of privacy.
    3. Federal and state regulations may also restrict use of some materials.
  2. Procedure for monitoring development and reviewing collection development guidelines : This collection development policy is designed to meet the goals of the Baylor University Libraries and the Collections of Political Materials. In order to determine the effectiveness of this policy, the staff will review the acquisitions, user records, and deaccessions of the preceding fiscal year at the end of every academic year. The policy will be re-evaluated and changed as circumstances warrant in order to meet the goals of Baylor University and its libraries.
    1. Collections Manager: The head of the BCPM will make recommendations to the appropriate committee/individuals before changing any policies.
    2. Policy Committee: An active BCPM policy committee, it will review recom-mendations and approve policy changes as appropriate.
    3. Collection Development Policy: A copy of this policy including appendices should be kept in the BCPM workroom in a three-hole notebook. Out-of-date sections should be deleted, and changes should be added as they are approved.