Baylor University Poage Library

Parts V, VI, VII

  1. Cooperative agreements affecting the collecting policy:
    1. The BCPM recognizes that other institutions collect in the same or overlapping areas, and it is further recognized that other institutions may have prior claim on such materials or be a more appropriate repository for them. Therefore, opportunities to acquire such materials, as well as those not covered by the BCPM collecting policy, will be referred to an appropriate repository. In cases where the legitimate collecting interests of the BCPM and another repository directly conflict, the BCPM will attempt to do what is in the best interest of the scholarly community to pursue a resolution.
    2. The BCPM will work closely with The Texas Collection, Government Documents, and Technical Services of Baylor University to determine the appropriate repository for materials.
  2. Statement of resource sharing policy:
    1. Duplication: The BCPM will consider requests for duplication of materials for inclusion in another repository subject to specific limitations imposed by the terms of acquisition and subject to the photoduplication policy of the BCPM.
    2. Loans: Books in the BCPM listed on the OPAC will be considered for ILL on an case-by-case basis.
    3. Exhibitions:
      1. Some original manuscript materials such as campaign posters may be loaned on campus for exhibits in other university libraries.
      2. Duplicate materials and facsimile reproductions may be loaned outside Baylor University if the recipient institution meets specific standards of the Director of the BCPM for protecting and properly displaying the materials and the exhibit itself is compatible with the larger goals of the BCPM.
  3. Statement of deaccessioning policy:
    1. Duplicates and materials that do not reflect the collecting areas of the BCPM may be deaccessioned, subject to the terms of acquisition, university regulations, or state and federal laws.
    2. Deaccessioned items may be transferred to another Baylor University library; offered to a non-Baylor University library; returned to the donor/donor's family; or discarded.