Baylor University Poage Library

Processing Procedures

Bob Bullock Papers

--Processing Bullock Photographs
--Processing Bullock microfilm, creating index
--Processing Issue Correspondence and microfilm

Hyde Murray Papers

--Guidelines for data entry
--General guidelines
--Guidelines for creating finding aid by bill
--Guidelines for creating finding aid by subject
--Guidelines for creating finding aid by topic

Digitization Procedure

--Digitization Procedure - cassettes
--Digitization Procedure - reel to reel
--Digitization Procedure - video tapes
--Converting Audio Cassettes to MP3 Format
--Instructions for Garage Band Converting Audio Cassettes to MP3 Format
--Procedures for transferring VHS tape to DVD on Panasonic
--Procedures for transferring VHS tape to DVD on Magnavox

Editing Procedures

--Editing Procedures for Newspapers in Photoshop
--Framed images and plaques taken with the digital camera
--Magazine and Newsletter Scan Naming Conventions
--How to photocopy materials, bind, and make notebooks
--Procedure used in compiling photograph notebooks
--What to do when you find a publication in a file

Student Workshop

Topics in Student Workshop

  1. Shelf reading and shelving books
  2. May I Hep'Ya? (Remember Message to Garcia?)
  3. Putting Book covers and bookplates in books
  4. Researcher procedures
  5. BearCat - How do I find what I'm looking for?
  6. Separation/Relocation Sheets
  7. Checking out books
  8. Photocopying
  9. GPC bookbinding
  10. Processing Flow Chart
  11. BearSpace Procedures
  12. Dress Code
  13. Lock-Up Procedures
  14. Orientation

Processing Procedures

--Processing Procedures for Dr. Robert Platt Materials
--Procedure for Processing Collection of Signed Books from Hightower
--Processing Procedures for Jack White
--Project 911 Newspaper Project

Digital Media

--How to Use Wide Format Scanner
--Chameleon 36 Wide Format Scanner and the WIDEimage software
--How to resize batches of pictures at once
--Adding a Video on the CMS
--Networking Windows with Mac OS X
--Mac OS X Software Installation Instructions
--Windows PC Software Installation Instructions