Baylor University Poage Library


Advantages for Researchers:

The Poage Legislative Library offers a rich "gold mine" of political material for the industrious researcher. It houses material from such prestigious congressman as John Dowdy, Sr., O.C. Fisher, Jack Hightower, Alan Steelman, and Sam Hall, Jr., among others. Representing the Texas legislature, the Poage Library houses material from Chet Edwards, Bob Bullock, Ray Kirkpatrick, and Bob Poage, in addition to several other state legislators.

The Index to Research Topics contains tables of alphabetized material from A to Z on a wide range of issues and topics that these congressmen and legislators faced and debated while in office. Each table contains a brief summary of pertinent items, as well as dates, from each group of materials listed.

The Dowdy research grant is offered to those scholars who pursue advanced research projects using the political and legislative materials housed at the Poage Legislative Library. Proposals must be submitted according to guidelines to the staff of the library. Please see this section for more information.

For Research Inquiries please contact the Library at 254-710-3540.