Baylor University Poage Library


By Colleen Hightower


(Read at the November, 1993, meeting of the Sierra Verde Garden Club of Austin.)


Where did they come from?

Out of the snow?

With the first warm rays

And things began to grow

I didn't know I just didn't know.

Those funny little creatures

With a pre-historic face

Suddenly appeared all over the place

They didn't bother anybody

They were really quite bland

Like an honorary mascot

For our Texas prairie land.

We had no Toys R Us

Or Barney on TV

So we used these little fellers

For our entertainment free

We had some great toad races

The winners they got fed

At their favorite dining places

Like the "All-You-Can-Eat-Delux Red Ant Bed."

As a general rule

When the weather got cool

They began to disappear

By the first of December and it began to snow

Where they went we didn't quite know.

Always wondered where they came from

And why they were sent

It racked my brain

But I didn't have a hint

With the first warm rays

And things began to grow

I just don't know I guess I'll never know.