Baylor University Poage Library

Scope and Content

The four hundred linear feet of materials that comprise the Papers of Sam B. Hall, Jr., Congressman, 1st Congressional District of Texas, 1976 to 1985, contain many features typical of a large Congressional collection: case files, academy applications, project files, recommendations, legislation files, invitations, "Dear Colleague" letters, and media materials. Reflecting Hall's commitment to his local electorate, his papers include extensive constituent files of a general nature (80 lin. ft.), along with subject files and project files from the Paris District Office (12 lin. ft.) and Marshall District Office (17 lin. ft.). He also maintained separate files for projects, arranged by counties (27 lin. ft.) and cities (5 lin. ft.) throughout the district.

In addition to these standard series, however, Hall's papers also contain materials related to his service on the Judiciary and Veterans' Affair's committees. In addition to files of the full Judiciary Committee (10 lin. ft.), this collection documents Hall's chairmanship of the Administrative Law and Government Relations Sub-committee (6 lin. ft.) and his membership on the Criminal Justice (10 lin. ft) and Immigration (25 lin. ft.) sub-committees. There are also files related to Hall's appointment to the Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control (2 lin. ft.).

Reflecting the fact that Hall voted with Republicans on most issues, a small group of files contains information about President Reagan's budget proposal in 1981 and the Reagan inauguration (2 lin. ft.) Hall's voting record (2 lin. ft.) further documents his traditional conservative East Texas bent. Further, his extensive legislative files may also give insight into this aspect of his Congressional career. A large Legislative Issues series (40 lin. ft.) concerns bills in progress. A Legislative Program series (22 lin. ft.) contains information about upcoming legislation, and a Bills series arranged by legislative number and by topic (5 lin. ft.) documents issues in which Hall was interested. A separate series, designated by Hall's staff as the "ALPHA" files (42 lin. ft.), arranges subject materials in alphabetical order collected by Hall.

Major legislation emphasized in Hall's papers include the Soft Drink Act, the Hobbs Act, Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Reform and Control Act, Immigration and Naturalization Act, and Vietnamese refugee resettlement bills.

In addition to the purely legislative materials, there is also a sizable "Events" series (20 lin. ft.), a "Trip" series (3 lin. ft.), and a "Media" series (11 lin. ft.) which contain news clippings, newsletters, photographs, press releases, press files, and recordings. Twenty-two scrapbooks of news clippings have all been photocopied and included in this series. Completing the Hall Papers are a small "Politics" series (4 lin. ft) and a "Personal" series (9 lin. ft) comprised of an address file, appointment and guest books, invitations, and a subject file.

This collection does not include any materials related to Halls service as a Federal Judge or any of the usual plaques, awards, or large congressional photographs usually found in similar collections. Those materials have been retained by the family.