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Acheson, Sam Hanna

Joe Bailey: The last democrat

New York: Macmillan: York, 1932. [E664.B2A631970 ] (Moody)

Adams, Frank Carter

Texas Democracy: a centennial history of politics and personalities of the Democratic Party 1836-1936, vol. I, III, IV

Austin : Democratic Historical Association: 1937. (missing v.2) JK2318 .T4 1937 v.1 (BCPM)

Adams, Marion S.

Alvin Owsley of Texas: Apostle of Americanism

- Waco: Texian Press: 1971 E748.O986 A65 (BCPM)

Anderson, Ken

You can't do that, Dan Moody! The clan fighting Governor of Texas

Austin : Eakin Press, 1998 HS2330.K63 A78 1998 (TxC)

Baggarly, H. M.

Texas country democrat: H. M. Baggarly surveys two decades of Texas politics

- [San Angelo, Tex.: Anchor Pub. Co., 1970 - F391.2 .B27 (TxC)

Baum, Dale

Shattering of Texas unionism: Politics in the Lone Star State during the Civil War era

Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1998 E580 .B29 1998 (TxC)

Benton, Wilburn E.

Texas politics: constraints an opportunities

- Chicago: Nelson- Hall Publishers, 1984, JK 4816.B46 1984 (TxC)

Bonar, Ave

With Ann: a journey across Texas with a candidate for Governor

Austin: Papageno, 1991.

Brown, Norman D.

Hood, bonnet, and little brown jug : Texas politics, 1921-1928

- College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c1984. - F391 .B847 1984 (TxC)

Bryson, Corey

Dr. Lawrence A. Nixon and the white primary

El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1974, Southwestern Studies No. 42. pb E185.97.N58 B79 (TxC)

Carlton, Done E.

Red Scare!: Right-wing hysteria, fifties fanaticism and their legacy in Texas

Austin: Texas Monthly Press, 1985 F394.H857 C37 1985 (TxC)

Carr, Waggoner with Byron D. Varner.

Texas politics in my rearview mirror

- Plano, Tex. : Republic of Texas Press, c1993. pb - F391.2 .C33 1993 (TxC).

Carr, Waggoner with Jack, Keever

Waggoner Carr, not guilty

- Austin : Shoal Creek Publishers, 1977. - KF224.C37 S5 (BCPM.

Casdorph, Paul

History of the Republican Party in Texas 1865-1965

- Austin: Pemberton Press, 1965. - JK2358 .T4 1965 (TxC)

Champagne, Anthony.

Congressman Sam Rayburn

- New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, c1984. - E748.R24 C47 1984 (TxC)

Cocke, William Alexander,

Bailey controversy in Texas, with lessons from the political life-story of a fallen idol

- San Antonio: The Cocke Company, 1908. - E664.B2 C6 (TxC)

Committee on History and Tradition of the State Bar of Texas

Centennial history of the Texas bar 1882- 1982: Committee on History and Tradition of the State Bar of Texas

Burnet, Tex.: Eakin Press, 1981. KF332.T45 S7x (TxC)

Conn, Jerry Douglas

Preston Smith: the making of a Texas governor

Austin: Jenkins Publishing, 1972. F391.2.S6 C6 (TxC).

Connally Sen. Tom

My name is Tom Connally

- New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1954 - E748.C76 A3 (BCPM).

Crawford, Ann Fears and Keever, Jack

John B. Connally: portrait in power

- Austin: Jenkins Publishing, 1973. F391.C65x C6 (TxC).

Cross, Oliver Harlan,

Congressional, after dinner and other speeches

- [S.l. : s.n.], 1937 ( Kingsport, Tenn. : Kingsport Press). ] - PN4305.O4 C7 (BCPM)

Cummins, Light Townsend

Texas: a political history

Boston, Mass.: American Press, 1990. ] pb

Daniel, Jean; Daniel, Price; Blodgett, Dorothy

Texas Governor's Mansion: A history of the house and its occupants

- Austin: Texas State Library and Archives Commission and the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, 1984. - F387 .D36x 1984 (TxC).

Davidson, Chandler

Race and class in Texas politics

- Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1990 F391 .D255 1990 (TxC).

Davis, James Harvey

Memoir, by Cyclone Davis.

- Sherman, Tex., The Courier press, c1935. - B D2622d (TxC)

Deaton, Charles

Year they threw the rascals out

- Austin: Shoal Creek Publishers, 1973. - F391.2 .D42 (TxC)

Devany, Joseph "Joe" A.

Politics and commentary: the story of power politics and how Dallas, Texas, rose from political atmosphere in 1950 controlled by a small group of men to a two party democratic government in 1995.

Dallas: Taylor Publishing, 1995.

Dorough, C. Dwight,

Mr. Sam

- New York: Random House [1962]. - E748.R24 D6 (TxC)

Douglas, C. L. and Miller, Francis

Life story of W. Lee O'Daniel

- Dallas: Regional Press, 1938. - 976.4 O22 D73 (TxC)?

Dulaney, H. G. and Edward Hake Phillips, eds. MacPhelan Reese

"Speak, Mister Speaker" / [compiled and edited by H. G. Dulaney and Edward Hake Phillips ; with chapter introductions by MacPhelan Reese].

- [Bonham, Tex.] : Sam Rayburn Foundation, c1978 - E748.R24 S67 (BCPM).

Dulaney, H. G. ; Phillips, Edward Hake

Impressions of Mr. Sam : a cartoon profile

- Bonham, Tex. : Sam Rayburn Foundation, 1987, 1st ed.

Farrow, Marion Humphreys

Texas Democrats; early democratic history in Texas

- San Antonio: The Naylor Company, 1944. - 329.764 F246td (TxC)

Fisher, O.C.

From New Deal to Watergate: A chronicle of 85 issues and events that transpired during a Congressman's 32-years in the U.S. Congress- a period that witnessed some of the most decisive upheavals and exciting trends and milestones in American history

- Waco: Texian Press, 1980. - JK 1319 F585x (BCPM).

Gould, Lewis L.

Progressives and prohibitionists: Texas Democrats in the Wilson era

Austin: University of Texas Press, [1973]. JK2318 .T4 1973 (BCPM)

Grantt, Jr., Fred

Chief executive in Texas: a study in gubernatorial leadership

Austin: University of Texas Press, 1964. JK4851 .G2 (TxC)

Gray, Ronald N.

Edmund J. Davis: radical Republican and reconstruction governor of Texas

- Dissertation: Thesis (Ph.D.) Lubbock: Texas Tech University, 1976. - Photocopy. Ann Arbor, Mich: University Microfilms International, 1976, 1979.

Green, George Norris

Liberal view of Texas politics since the 1930s

- Boston: American Press, 1980. pb Inside: "Rhonda York TX History"

Haley, J. Evetts

Texan looks at Lyndon; a study in illegitimate power

- Canyon, Tex.: Palo Duro Press, [1964]. - E847 .H3 (BCPM)

Heard, Robert

Miracle of killer bees: 12 senators who changed Texas politics

Austin: Honey Hill Publishing, 1981. JK 4895.H4 (TxC).

Henderson, Richard B.

Maury Maverick: a political biography

Austin: University of Texas Press, Austin, 1970. E748.M415 H4 (BCPM)

Hendrickson, Jr., Kenneth E., Jr.

Chief executives of Texas from Stephen F. Austin to John B. Connally, Jr.

College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1995. pb F385 .H39 1995 (TxC)

Hendrickson, Kenneth E., Jr. and Collins, Michael L.

Profiles in power: Twentieth- century Texans in Washington

Arlington Heights, Illinois: Harlan Davidson , 1993. F385 .P76 1993 (TxC)

Holloway, Harry; McCleskey, Clifton; Soukup, James R.

Party and factional division in Texas

Austin: University of Texas Press, 1964. JK2295.T5 S6 (TxC)

Horton, Louise

Samuel Bell Maxey: a biography

Austin: University of Texas Press, 1974. F391.M478 H67 (TxC)

Johnson, Lyndon B.

Choices we face

-- Published simultaneously in the Britannica Book of the Year 1969, Yearbook of the Encyclopedia Britannica under the title "Agenda for the Future: A Presidential Perspective" - New York: Bantam Books [1969]. pb - E846 .J55 (TxC)

Johnson, Lyndon B.

Time for action : a selection from the speeches and writings of Lyndon B. Johnson, 1953-64 / intro. by Adlai E. Stevenson

- New York : Pocket books, 1964, c1958. pb - E742.5 .J6 1964 (BCPM)

Jones, Marvin

Marvin Jones Memoirs: 1917- 1973 fifty- six years of continuing service in all the three branches of the federal government

El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1973. E748.J765 A35 (TxC)

Jones, Nancy Baker and
Ruthe Winegarten.

Capitol women : Texas female legislators, 1923-1999

- Austin : University of Texas Press, c2000. pb - F391.3 .J66 2000 (TxC)

Katz, Harvey.

Shadow on the Alamo; new heroes fight old corruption in Texas politics

- Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1972. - F391.2 .K3 (TxC)

Kinch, Sam and Long, Stuart

Allan Shivers: The pied piper of Texas politics

- Austin: Shoal Creek Publishers, 1973. F391.S562 K56 1974 (BCPM).

Kingston, Mike; Attlesey, Sam; Crawford, Mary G.

Texas almanac's political history of Texas

- Austin: Eakin Press, pb - F386 .K59 1992 (TxC)

Knaggs, John R.

Two-party Texas : the John Tower era, 1961-1984

- Austin, Tex. : Eakin Press, c1986. - F391.2 .K62 1986 (TxC).

Liles, Maurine Walpole

Sam and the speaker's chair : the story of Sam Rayburn, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

- Austin, Tex: Eakin Press, c1994. pb - E748.R24 L55 1994 (TxC)

Martin, Roscoe Coleman

People's Party in Texas; a study in third party politics

- Austin: University of Texas Press, [1970, c1933] pb - JK2374 .T4 1970 (BCPM)

Mauro, Garry

Beaches, bureaucrats, and big oil

- Austin, TX. : Look Away Books 1996?. pb

McQueary, Carl Randall and Paulissen, Ph.D., May Nelson

Ma's in the kitchen: You'll know when it's done! ~ The recipes and history of Gov. Miriam A. Ferguson, first woman governor of Texas

Austin: Eakin Press, 1994. pb F391 F473 M337x 1994 (TxC)

Murchison, William

Judicial politics gone wild: A case study of judicial activism in Texas

Wash. DC: Washington Legal Foundation, 1982.. pb KFT1620.85.A6 M87x 1982 (Moody)

Murlin, E.L.

United States Red book containing the portraits and biographies of the president and his cabinets, senators and members of the House of Representative™

- Albany, NY: James B. Lyon, 1896. JK7 1895 (TxC)

Nalle, Ouida Wallace Ferguson

Fergusons of Texas; or, "Two governors for the price of one." A biography of James Edward Ferguson and his wife, Miriam Amanda Ferguson, ex-governors of the State of Texas, by their daughter Ouida Ferguson Nalle

- San Antonio, Tex., The Naylor Company, [1946]. - B F352N (TXC).

Neff, Pat Morris.

Battles of peace

- Fort Worth, Tex., Pioneer Publishing Company, 1925. - F391 .N44x 1925 (Strecker)

Olien, Roger m.

From token to triumph: The Texas Republicans

SMU Press, Dallas, TX, 1982. JK2320.A8 T4 1982 (TxC)

Paulissen, May Nelson.

Miriam : the southern belle who became the first woman governor of Texas, Miriam Amanda Ferguson

- Austin, Tex. : Eakin Press, c1995. - F391.F473 P38 1995 (TxC).

Peddy, Gertrude Erwin

Tribute to George Edwin Bailey Peddy

Privately published

Phillips, William G.

Yarborough of Texas. Congressional Leadership series, Vol. IV.

- Washington, DC: Acropolis Books, 1969. E840.8.Y3 P5 (BCPM).

Prindle, David F.

Petroleum politics and the Texas railroad commission

Austin : University of Texas Press: 1981. pb HD9567.T3 P74 (TxC)

Rutherford, Bruce

Impeachment of Jim Ferguson

Austin: Eakin Press: 1983. F391.F473 R7x (TxC)

Sargent, Ben

Texas statehouse blues : the editorial cartoons of Ben Sargent.

- Austin: Texas Monthly Press, 1980.

Scott, Walter B., comp.

William Pinckney McLean 1836-1925

No publication information (BearCat [S.l.:s.n., 1925?]) F391.M17x S2 (Tex)

Sherrill, Robert.

Accidental President

- New York: Grossman Publishers, 1967. pb - E847 .S47 (TxC)

Slayden, Ellen Maury

Washington Wife: Journal of Ellen Maury Slayden from 1897-1919

New York: Harper & Row, 1962, 1963. 917.53 S63 (Tex)

Sloane, Todd A.

Gonzalez of Texas : a congressman for the people

- [Evanston, IL] : John Gordon Burke Publisher, c1996. pb - E840.8.G63 S57 1996 (BCPM)

Smith, Arthur D. Howden

Mr. House of Texas

New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1940. B H842S (TxC)

Southwick, Leslie H., comp.

Presidential also-rans and running mates, 1788 through 1996

- Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1998. E175.1 .S695 1998 (Gov. Doc)

Spaw, Patsy McDonald, ed.

Texas Senate

- Vol. 1 Republic to Civil War, 1836- 1861 - College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c1990. - JK4876 .T48 1990 v.1 (TxC)

Steinberg, Alfred.

Sam Rayburn : a biography

- New York : Hawthorn Books, 1975. - E748.R24 S73 1975 (TxC)

Sullivan, George

The personal story of Lynda & Luci Johnson.

- New York: Popular Library, 1966 . pb

Sumners, Hatton W.

Private citizen and his democracy

- Dallas: Southwestern Legal Foundation, 1959. - JC421.S85 (TxC)

Teutsch, Austin

Barbara Jordan: The biography

[S.l.] : A. Teutsch : [distributor], PSI Publication Services, c1997. E840.8.J62 T48x 1997 (TxC)

Texas Heritage Foundation

Texas heritage: A salute to John Nance Garner &endash; 91 former Speaker of the House and Vice President of the United States and featuring Texas Senators

Austin: Le Tulle Printing Co. [etc.], Nov.1959. - F381 .T348 v.1 no.1 (BCPM)?

Texas House of Representatives

Proceedings Investigation Committee House of Representatives thirty- fifth legislature™ charges filed against Gov. Jas E. Ferguson together with findings of Committee and action of House with prefatory statement and index to proceedings

Austin: A.C. Baldwin & Sons Contracting Printers, 1917. JK4859 .A4 1917 (TxC)

Texas Legislative Council

Presiding officers of the Texas legislature 1846- 1991

Austin: Texas House of Representative, 1991pb L1400.5 P926o 1991 (Tex StDocs )

Texas State Directory, Inc.

Texas state directory

- Austin: Texas Pub., 19xx. pb. Five editions - JK4830 .T4 19xx (some in BCPM)

Thomason, Ewing

Thomason: The autobiography of a federal judge

El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1971. KF373.T52 R3 (TxC)

United States. Congress (87th, 1st session : 1961). House.

Leadership of speaker Sam Rayburn: Collected tributes of his congressional colleagues™

Wash. DC: U.S. Govt. Print. Off, 1961. pb E748.R24 U53 (BCPM)

United States. Congress.

Biographical directory of the American Congress, 1774-1971

- [Washington] U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1971. - JK1010 .A5 1971 (BCPM-Poage)

Warda, Mark

Political campaign stamps

- Iola, WI : Krause Publications,1998.

Weddington, Sarah, Jane Hickie, and Deanna Fitzgerald

Texas women in politics / a project of Sarah Weddington, Jane Hickie, and Deanna Fitzgerald ; edited by Elizabeth W. Fernea and , Marilyn P. Duncan

- Austin: Foundation for Women's Resources, 1977. pb - HQ1236 .T48 (TxC).

Weeks, O. Douglas

Texas one party politics in 1956: Public affairs series number 32

Austin: Institute of Public Affairs, University of Texas, 1957. pb JK4801 .T52 no.32 (TxC).

Winkler, Ernest William, ed.

Bulletin of the University of Texas: Platforms of political parties in Texas

Austin: University of Texas, 1916. Individual vol.

Winkler, Ernest William, ed.

Check List of Texas Imprints 1846-1860

Austin: The Texas State Historical Association, 1949 Z1339 .W5 v.1 (TxC)

Winkler, Ernest William, ed.

Check List of Texas Imprints 1861-1876

Austin: The Texas State Historical Association, 1963. Z1339 .W5 v.2 (TxC)

Wolff, Nelson W.

Mayor: an inside view of San Antonio politics, 1981- 1995

- San Antonio: San Antonio Express- News, 1997, - F394.S253 A2 1997 (TxC)

Wright, Jim

Of swords and plowshares: A collection of the best short writings of Congressman Jim Wright

Fort Worth: Stafford- Lowdon , [1967]. pb JC252 .W7x (TxC).

Wright, Jim

Reflections of a public man

- Fort Worth: Madison Pub. Co., c1984. pb - E840.8.W75 A38 1984b (TxC)

Wyatt, Frederica Burt and Shelton, Hooper

Coke R. Stevenson™a Texas legend

Junction, Tex: Shelton Press, 1976. F391.S74x W93 (TxC)

Yelderman, Pauline.

Jay Bird Democratic Association of Fort Bend County : a white man's union

- [S.l. : s.n.] , c1979 (Waco, Tex. : Texian Press) - F392.F7Y44 (TxC).

Young, Nancy Beck

Wright Patman: Populism, liberalism, & the American dream

Dallas: Southern Methodist University Press, 2000. E748.P29 Y68 2000 (TxC)

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