Baylor University Poage Library

Series Outline

The Gossett Papers are divided into seven series based on subject:

I. Immigration/Displaced Persons: 8 boxes. Four sub-series:

  • Correspondence 1945-1949
  • Publications and Newsclippings 1947-1949
  • Agency Files and Documents (by agency)
  • House Immigration and Naturalization Committee Files

II. Palestine: 4 boxes. Two sub-series:

  • Publications, Reports, and Correspondence
  • United Nations Statements and Reports

III. Communism: 1 box

IV. Interstate Freight Rate Legislation: 1 box

V. Tidelands: 6 boxes. Four sub-series:

  • Correspondence, 1947-1950
  • Judiciary Committee Files
  • Miscellaneous Publications and Statements
  • Newspaper Clippings

VI. Oil Industry: 2 boxes. Two sub-series:

  • Publications and Statements
  • Petroleum Shortage Files

VII. General : 1 box