Baylor University Poage Library

Finding Aid: W

Papers of JOHN DOWDY

Member of Congress, 1952-1972

Index to the Finding Aid

This is an Index to key terms found in the folder titles listed in the Finding Aid. If you find a subject that interests you, contact the Poage Library staff through e-mail or by phone at 254-710-3540 for further details. You may find additional information about the Baylor Collections of Political Materials by visiting the Poage Library web site.

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W.T. Rawleigh Co.
Wage and Hour Law
Wages & Hours

Walker, Herman P.
Walker, W.J.
Wallace, Lewis
Wallace, Milas M.

Wallisville Reservoir
War Claims Comm.
War on Poverty
War Resources Council

Warburg , James P. Speech
Ward, Anthony D. with LBJ re Trial
Ward, Jack
Warner, Rebecca

Warren, Earl, Supreme Court
Warren, L.D.
Washington Associated Committee for Better Government
Washington Observer Newsletter

Washington, George, re Trial
Water Conservation Speech
Water Pollution
Water resources speech material

Water Supplies
Water Supply Corporation Project Report
Ways & Means Corr.
Weather Bureau

Wedding booklet John and J.D.
Weight and Size Limitations
Welch, Betty re Trial

Welfare Taxes
Welfare, Invitations to Speak
Wells Motor Co.
Wheat and Grain Act

Wheat Deal
Wheat, Maurice
White House
White House, Chapel Service

White Majority
White Sands Proving Ground
White, Dr. W.R.- re: Bill Crook
Whittington, Tom J.

Wilks, Willie Jackson & John T.
Willey, Arthur
Williams, Willie Mae
Wills, Mrs. H.W.

Wilson Night Club
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Charles re Trial
Wilson, Will re Trial

Wiretapping and electronic eavesdropping re Trial
Withholding Tax...
Women in Government
Wood, Gerald

Wood, John
Woodville, TX
Wool Act
World Revolution Speech

World's Fair--New York
Writ of certiorari re Trial
Wyche, Sibyl
Wynfield, Sylvester