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Finding Aid: T

Papers of JOHN DOWDY

Member of Congress, 1952-1972

Index to the Finding Aid

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T.V. Script Speech
Taft- Hartley Act
Tapes re Trial

Tariff Act of 1930
Tariff Comm.
Tavernacle Night Club
Tax Exemption Speech

Tax Increase Bill Speech
Tax on Advertising, D. C.
Tax Reform Act

Taxes, D. C.
Teacher Corps
Teachers' Salary, D. C.
Teague, Olin E., Photo

Teague, Olin re Trial
Teamsters' Union
Tecton, Mike
Tehan, Robert, Judge

Telegram Copies
Telephone Transcript re Trial
Telephone re Trial
Telephones Taxes

Tennessee Colony Lake
Tennessee Valley Authority
Testimonial Dinner

Texas Bar Association
Texas Basins--Maps
Texas College and University System

Texas Committee for the Constitution
Texas Congressional Forum
Texas Delegation
Texas Delegation, Photo

Texas Fiddler's Association
Texas Highway Dept.
Texas lawmaker jailed for perjury?
Texas National Guard

Texas Projects
Texas State Society
Texas Technical College
Textile Mills Bill

Thank You Notes
Third District Bar Association
Thompson, Gerald M. re Trial

Thor Power Tool Co.
Threadgill, R.C.
Till, C.A., Julia

Title Options
Tocqueville, Alexis de Speech
Tonahill, Joe H.

Trade Bill
Trade Negotiations
Training and Service Act

Training Foreign Military Personnel
Transcript, Trial
Transit System, D. C.
Transit, Rapid, D. C.

Travel re Trial
Travel Taxes
Travel--Trip Guide and Picture Book

Travelers Insurance Co.
Trawick, J. F.
Traynham, William B.
Treasury Corr.

Treaties and Executive Agreements
Trial and Imprisonment Corr.
Trial Files, General

Trial Transcript
Trimble, Grady re Trial
Trinity Bond Investment Corp.
Trinity River

Trinity Valley Progress
Truth in Lending
Tuck, William M. Speech

Tullis, T.H.
Tyranny Speech