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Finding Aid: L

Papers of JOHN DOWDY

Member of Congress, 1952-1972

Index to the Finding Aid

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La Rue, E. B.
Labor Admin.
Labor Bill Data, se Landrum-Griffin Bill
Labor Corr.

Labor Law
Labor Pamphlets
Labor Statistics Bureau
Labor Unions - Right to Work

Lake Livingston
Lambert, Bertran
Lancaster, L.B.

Land and Facilities Admin.
Land and Water Conservation Fund
Land Deed (J.D.)
Landrum- Griffin Bill, H.R. 8400

Lann, T.J.
Laymance, Esma & Clyde
Leahy, H.J.
LeBlanc, Mable LeBlanc and E.C.

Lee, Will
Legal Aid
Legal Papers
Legal Proceedings re Trial

Leif Erikson Day
Lester, Johnnie E.
Levine, Bill
Levitt, Jack re Trial

Lewis , Donald Dean re Trial
Lewis, Arminda
Lewitt, Julius re Trial
Liberty Letter

Liberty Lobby
Liberty Lobby re Trial
Liberty Lobby Speech
Liberty Lowdown

Liberty State Bank
Libraries, Appropriations
Library of Congress
License Plate

Life Insurance, D. C.
Life Line
Lion's Club Ladies Night

Livestock Industry Speech
Lizzie Freeman
Lobbying the Congress Speech

Lockheed Corporation Loan
Long Lake Production Co.
Longevity Benefits
Lonsford, J.T.

Loughridge, J.R.
Low cost housing
Lower Neches River Valley Authority
Lucas, Wingate, Photo

Luce, Lola Bell
Lufkin Radar Base Property
Lumber Industry Problems
Lynch, W.W., Photo