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Finding Aid: H

Papers of JOHN DOWDY

Member of Congress, 1952-1972

Index to the Finding Aid

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H.R. 3, Speech
H.R. 1939
H.R. 4654, Speech
H.R. 12253

Haines, S.P. re Trial
Hall, Johnnie Jo
Hambrick, Mary Lee
Handicapped, D. C.

Handicapped, programs
Hardin, J.C. & Doris Louise
Hardy, C.W. et al
Harkey, C.E.

Harmon, Calhoun C.
Harper, H.L. Speech
Harris-Conklin Co.
Hart, Ikie

Hartless, Reymous
Hatcher, Riley
Haynes, Dixie

Headstart Program
Heard, Pearlie Evelyn
Heavy Metals Program

Heeth, Dan D./Willie Mae
Heinsohn, A.G., Jr. Speech
Henderson County Grand Jury
Henderson, H.D.

Henry, A. Patrick Speech
Hensley, Tom
Herndon, Lee

HEW, Appropriations
Hickman, Mr. & Mrs. E.G.
Hiestand Bill
High School Graduates

Higher Education
Highway 31 Bridge
Highway Department (Texas)

Hill, Vivian & Earl Hill
Hill- Burton Program
Hinton, W. B.
History of Texas Speech

Hobbs, James re Trial
Hobbs, T.M.
Hodge Deed of Trust
Hodgen, Blaine W.

Holloway, William McKinley
Home Rule, D. C.
Homestead Title Papers and Wills
Hopper, Tobe

Horton, Frank Speech
Hospital Insurance
Hospital Stay--Thank You

House Admin. Corr.
Household Employment
Housing and Home Finance Agency

Housing and Urban Development Speech
Housing Bill Speech
Housing Development Corp. re Trial
Housing projects Speech

Housing+, D. C.
Houston County D.A. Tom Pickett
Houston County Grand Jury
Houston County Hospital

Howell, Leslie M.
Hoyt, Eugene R. re Trial
HUD Corr.
HUD Press Releases

HUD, Appropriations
HUD, Data
Huff, Joe Al
Huffhines, Richard re Trial

Human Events
Humane Society
Humanity Benefactor Foundation
Humble, Chrystelle Lawrence

Huntington, TX
Hutcherson, George