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Finding Aid: F

Papers of JOHN DOWDY

Member of Congress, 1952-1972

Index to the Finding Aid

This is an Index to key terms found in the folder titles listed in the Finding Aid. If you find a subject that interests you, contact the Poage Library staff through e-mail or by phone at 254-710-3540 for further details. You may find additional information about the Baylor Collections of Political Materials by visiting the Poage Library web site.

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Fair Labor Standards Act
Fall Gardens
Family Assistance Act

Family Farms
Family, Dowdy Personal
Farm Bill
Farm Census Corr.

Farm Credit
Farm Labor
Farm Program
Farmer, M.E.

Farmers Home Admin. (FmHA)
FBI Interview re Trial
Federal Aid to Education
Federal Aid/Education Speech

Federal Aviation Agency--Jacksonville Airport
Federal Budget Speech
Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
Federal City College

Federal Communications Comm.
Federal Courts and Judges+
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Employment

Federal Govenment Speech
Federal Highway Admin.
Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Federal Housing Admin.

Federal Land Bank
Federal Maritime Admin.
Federal Money into District
Federal National Mortgage

Federal Power Comm.
Federal power vs. States' responsibilities Speech
Federal Register
Federal Reserve Board

Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corp.
Federal Security
Federal Spending
Federal Trade Comm.

Federal Water Pollution Control Act
Federal Water Pollution Control Admin.
Feed Grains
Fees--Recreation for federal areas

Fidelity & Casualty Co. of N.Y.
Finney, Harry re Trial
Fire and Casualty Act, D. C.

Fire ants--The imported problem
Firearms Legislation Speech
First Methodist Church; Layman's Day

First State Bank Brownsboro, Tx.
Fish and Wildlife
Fite, Hallye Fite
Fite, Joe

Flood Control
Folklife Foundation

Food and Drug Admin. Corr.
Food Stamps
Football Tickets
Foreign Affairs Corr.

Foreign Aid Speech
Foreign Aid
Foreign Claims Settlement Comm.
Foreign Operations Admin.

Foreign Policy
Foreign Relations
Foreign Trade
Foreign trade speech material

Forest Bill
Forest Research Program
Forest Service

Forestry, lumber speech material
Form Letters
Formant, Dino, re Trial
Former Members of Congress

Fort Worth District, COE
Foster, Grayson, re Trial
Foster, J.H.
Foundation for Economic Education, Inc.

Four Point plan for victory Speech
Fourth Class Post Offices
Fowler, George B. Speech
Frank Gumpert Printing Co. re Trial

Franking Collection (John Jr.)
Franklin, B.L.
Frazier, G.L.

Free Enterprise
Freedom Fighters Speech
Freedom Forum Speech

Freedom in Action
Freedom of Choice
Freedom of Information Act
Freeman--Office of the Secretary

Friendship House
Future Farmers of America Speech