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Finding Aid: D

Papers of JOHN DOWDY

Member of Congress, 1952-1972

Index to the Finding Aid

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D.C. Area Transit Compact D.C. Correctional Department
Dairy Farmers
Dairy Parity

Dan Smoot Report
Daniel, Price Family Christmas
Daniel, Theo Speech

Daughters of the American Revolution
Davidson, Merlin P. Speech
Davis, M.B.
Davis, Namon & Georgia Mae

Davis, Turner & Caruthers
Daylight Savings Time
De Puduin, Dr. Horace
Death of wife (correspondence)

Debate Material
Decency in the Mass Media
Declaration of Constitutional Principles (re: Segregation)
Deed of Trust Notes & Deposits

Deep East Texas Development Association
Defenders of the American Constitution, Inc.
Defense Fund re Trial

Defense Personnel Support Centers
Defense Supply Agency
Defense Transcript
Defense, News Release

Defense--General Corr.
Democracy and Despotism Speech
Democratic National Congressional Committee
Department of Commerce

Dependent schools
Dibble, Oliver re Trial

Dickson, Fagan Speech
Die Brude
Dies, Marvin, Jr.
Dightman, Lueaster & Richard

Dilling, Kirkpatrick W. re Trial
District of Columbia Appropriations

District of Columbia Corr.
District of Columbia Government--Independent Agencies
District of Columbia Hearing re Trial
Dodd, Edwin

Don Bell Reports
Dorn, Bryan Speech
Dorsey, Frank R.
Dosser, Aaron

Douglas, William O., Supreme Court
Dowdy Family+ Photo
Dowdy statement of concern re Trial
Dowdy vs. Ford Motor Co. et al.

Dowdy's Defense before the House Speech
Dowdy's views of the Civil Rights Bill
Dowdy, Carol Sue, daughter
Dowdy, J.D. , wife

Dowdy, John Jr., "Skip," son
Dowdy, John re Trial
Dowdy, Mrs (J.D.), obituary
Dowell, Loss

Dripps, William N. re Trial

Du Plessis
Ducrest, Viola