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Finding Aid: C

Papers of JOHN DOWDY

Member of Congress, 1952-1972

Index to the Finding Aid

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Cable TV
Cain, Maxie
Calley Decision

Calley, William L., Jr.
Campaign Expenses
Campaign for Congress (J.D.)

Campaign Material
Campaign Song
Campaign Speeches
Campus Radicals

Cantley, Ernest
Capitol Housing Authority
Capitol, East Central Front

Career Compensation Act
Carr, Waggoner re Trial
Carroll, Joel

Cascade Employers Association, Inc.
Casey, Bob
Cason, E. (Elbert)
Castro, Fidel Speech

Catholic War Veterans
Cattle Industry
Cayuga School Case

Census Bureau+
Central Business Association Speech
Centralized government Speech

Chandler, TX: sewage system
Chapman, Willie
Charts, Commerce
Chief of Engineers

Child Development Act
Children's Bureau
Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Assoc.
Chinese Refugees Speech

Christmas Cards
Church and State
Church Contributions

Civil Aeronautics Board
Civil Briefs
Civil Defense
Civil Disorders Comm.

Civil Rights (debates on H. 6127) Speech
Civil Rights Act of 1963
Civil Rights Bill
Civil Rights Bill Speech

Civil Rights Comm.
Civil Rights Speech
Civil Rights(sa Segregation 239)
Civil Rights

Civil Service Comm. (U.S.)
Civil Service Retirement
Civil Service
Civil Works Program

Claims and Appropriations
Clampett, Charlie
Clark, Bobbie Ray & Joe Leeta
Clark, James T. re Trial

Clark, Myrvin C. re Trial
Clark, Ramsey Speech
Clark, Tommie W.
Clement, Gov. Frank G. Speech

Clerk of the House
Clifton Terrace Apts. re Trial
Clifton, TX
Clippings, Newspaper

Club Memberships
Coast Guard
Coast Guard Academy

Cohen, Nathan re Trial
Coin-Operated Phonographs
Cole, H.I.
College of Marshall Annual, The Comet

Colonialism Speech
Colorado River Project
Columbia Paza Project Speech
Columbus Day

Colwell, Carolyn K.
Commerce Budget
Commerce Department, Corr.

Commerce Trust Co.
Commerce, Assistant Secretary
Commerce, Data
Commercial Corporation

Comm. on Inter-Governmental Relations
Committee Assignments
Committee on Standards of Official Conduct
Committee to Restore the Constitution

Commodity Credit Corporation
Commodity Exchange Act
Commodity Programs
Common Sense

Communications Act
Communism Speech

Communist Propaganda
Communist socialist Speech
Compromise and Courage Speech
Comptroller of Currency

Condolences and Congratulations
Confederate Government of America
Confederate Memorial Speech
Congressional Club for Friendship House

Congressional Directory
Congressional Record
Congressional Relations
Congressional tour to NYC

Connally Amendment Speech
Conroe Airport--CAA
Conservatives, ultra-

Conspiracy, Trial
Constituents, Washington
Constitution Speech

Constitutional Amendment
Constitutional Convention
Constitutional Precedence--Hiestand Bill
Constitutional Principles

Constitutional Restoration
Consumer Affairs, re Trial
Consumer Protection
Contracting Plasterers and Lathers Speech

Converted Fungible Goods
Coogan, John E.
Cook, Ophelia & Marvin

Cooley Bill (cotton)
Copper Interest
Copyright Laws
Corps of Engineers

Correspondence, outgoing
Corr., Dowdy personal
Corr., Trial and Imprisonment
Cost of Living

Costlett, W.O.
Cotton Act of 1965
Cotton Speech

Court of Claims
Court Reform and Criminal Procedure Act
Court Reorganization Act of 1967

Court Reporter
Cox, Lacy
Cox, M.A.

Crawford, J.M.
Crawford, O.R.
Crawford, Scott

Credit Life Insurance, D. C.
Crews, W.P.

Crime Bill: Pornography, sa Pornography; Anti-pornography
Crime Control and Safe Streets Act
Crime, D. C.
Criminal Charges

Criminal Conspiracy re Trial
Criminal Law Outline re Trial
Criminal Procedures re Trial
Crook, Dr. William "Bill"

Cropper, Raymond C.
Cross and the Flag
Cross-examination re Trial
Crow, Jewel

Cuba Revolution Speech
Cuba Speech
Currency and Coinage
Curtis Mathes Employees

Cyclamate Indemnification Bill