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Finding Aid: B

Papers of JOHN DOWDY

Member of Congress, 1952-1972

Index to the Finding Aid

This is an Index to key terms found in the folder titles listed in the Finding Aid. If you find a subject that interests you, contact the Poage Library staff through e-mail or by phone at 254-710-3540 for further details. You may find additional information about the Baylor Collections of Political Materials by visiting the Poage Library web site.

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B & B Cafe
Balch , Albert, photos
Ballard, Daniel Paul
Baltimore Trial

Bandy, Nell
Bankers Life Company
Banking & Currency Corr.
Banking and Banks

Banking--House Check book
Baptist Publications
Bar Examination

Barker, John J.
Barker, Marion
Barlow, James E. re Trial
Barnetts, B.F. Speech

Barton, A.C.
Beall, Arthur re Trial
Beckham, Dewitt T.
Beebe, Ronald

Beef Imports, Opinion Ballots
Beef Industry
Beiler, May Lou et vir
Belk, W.R.

Bennett, Jim L.
Bible and Prayer
Bible and Prayer--Christian Amendment Movement
Bible Study

Big Thicket
Bill of Particulars re Trial
Bills: 83rd-90th Congresses
Bills: Previous Congresses

Birdwell, G.H.
Birth Control
Blake, E.L.

Bloxon, Madge (Lynch)
Blue Ribbon juries Speech
Blythe, Lilla (Mrs. H.E.)
Boiling pot in the Middle East Speech

Bolt, Glenda Sue & Martin B. Jr. Transcript
Bonner, J.D.
Book Material re Trial

Boston Redevelopment Authority re Trial
Boswell, Carrie
Boy Scouts

Boyd, Burl
Boyd, Mann
Brady, Tom P. Speech
Brassell, Liza

Brazos River Authority
Brewer, Ernest M.
Brewer, J. Carlyon
Brewster re Trial

Brewster, Daniel B. re Trial
Bricker Amendment
Briefs..., Dowdy, re Trial
Brooks, Congressman, Photo

Brooks, Corine
Brooks, Thornton re Trial
Broomfield, Louis Speech
Brown Lane Co. et al

Brown, Effie
Brown, H.B.
Brown, Hazel Speech
Brown, Vivian & Raymond

Browning, Hattie
Brumbelow , Charles re Trial
Bryant, Muriel & E.F.
Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training

Bureau of Budget
Bureau of Employee's Compensation
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Bureau of Land Management

Bureau of Mines
Bureau of Mint
Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
Bureau of Outdoor Recreation

Bureau of Prisons
Bureau of Reclamation
Bureau of Security & Consular Affairs
Bureau of Standards

Burke, Ouida
Burns, Everett
Business Cards

Butler Publishing Co.
Butler, Frank H.