Baylor University Poage Library

Bob Taylor Cartoons - Barbara Shafer Collection

Shafer-Bob Taylor Cartoon Inventory

These cartoons are a generous gift from Barbara Shafer to Poage Legislative Library, Baylor University given on March 4, 2010





Prehistoric Man/20th Century Man

March 5, 1970

"Missing Word"

April 5, 1967

"Tranquility Base Here™The Eagle Has Landed"

July 21, 1969

"™And Whomsoever Can Remove the Sword from the Stone Shall Become the New King"

April 10, 1968

Victory/Vince [in honor of Lombardi]

Sept. 3, 1970

"She sez she was on her way to a protest meeting about the proposed insurance and phone rate hikes"

Nov. 20, 1970

"Slap some wheels on this I can't afford a car anymore!"

Oct. 3, 1969

"All I know is one minute he's talking about halting the bombing and then™"

April 1, 1968

"A bird in hand™and two in the bush"

Sept. 12, 1969

"Whew!" [splashdown of astronauts]

April 17, 1970


September 18, 1970